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Osaka University Instruction Manual (Student Life Guide)

At Osaka University, there are various support services. Here you will find the right user manual for leading a meaningful student life.

The PDF version of this page can be found here.

1. Basic Information about Study
2. Consultations about study, student life, and employment
3. Extracurricular activities
4. Study Abroad
5. Things to know for your safety
6. Procedures and certificates
7. On-campus facilities
8. Others
FAQ regarding student life

1. Basic Information about Study

School Calendar

The first and last days of school are changed by the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (CELAS) and/or schools. Please confirm them by the University Catalog distributed from the CELAS and/or schools.


Please confirm the schedule by the University Catalog from the CELAS and/or schools.


Class registration is performed using KOAN. Make sure to check every day.

Advanced Literature Search Guide

This guide explains the significance of literature searching, how to obtain literature, resources available at OU, and how to use the academic library network that supports your research.

Student Commons Science Commons

At these facilities, you can enjoy self-study, discussions in groups, and scientific experiments

Various types of rooms are available. Some rooms can be booked. In the Science Commons, students can enjoy science, even perform experiments in some rooms.

Cybermedia Commons

In these areas with various learning equipment, you can enjoy self-learning and research activities.

Resources for acquiring academic writing skills

This list outlines various resources available at Osaka University for acquiring academic writing skills, such as classes, self-study materials, and personal writing support.

Comprehensive Software Contract with Microsoft Enterprise

This contract enables all computers managed by the university to be upgraded to the latest Windows OS and have the latest version of MS Office installed free of charge.

Cybermedia Center Educational Computer System

Students can use computers set in various places on campus for writing email and reports, programming, and language learning.

Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE)

CLE provides students with a network environment with advanced information technology. Students can access class materials, submit assignments, view lesson videos and their academic records via this system wherever there is Internet access.

Osaka Daigaku Information Network System (ODINS)

Information and communication technology infrastructure for secure Internet access 

"Campus Members" -- Museums and Art Museums

By showing your student ID card, you are able to gain admission at "no charge or at a discount to the 13 museums and other facilities in the Kansai region."

Shuttle Bus Service

Free shuttle bus service between the three campuses --Toyonaka, Suita, and Minoh-- is available. There are 2-3 buses per hour (1-3 buses per hour for Minoh Campus). Students can use these buses for attending classes on other campuses; however neither can use them for commuting.

Weather warnings and emergency warnings

Classes may be cancelled due to weather warnings.
GPA [Grade Point Average] system
A system for evaluating academic grades.
Safety Manual

Safety instructions for students performing experiments in the lab. Science students are strongly encouraged to read.


2. Consultations about study, student life, and employment

Osaka University Library 
(Learning Support Desk)

At the consultation desk in the libraries, graduate students give advice on study as learning supporters.

Health and Counseling Center

This center provides health checkups and health consultation services in order to promote the health of students and staff. Medical doctors give advice on your physical and psychological worries. Experienced counselors give you advice on worries about your student life. (Consultation in English is available. We also provide consultation for parents. Your personal information is protected by privacy laws.)

Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
(Sports & Health Education Department)

This department plans curriculum regarding health and sports for students in their 1st year. This provides various classes according to individual physical power.

Career Support

Osaka University supports students by providing employment information, employment/career guidance, and consultation services.

・ Career Support Division 
・ Career Support Web
・ Career Choice Report


Information about internships, such as collecting information, how to apply, and procedures to be completed after receiving a formal offer.

Teaching Certificate

Outline of the teaching certificate course designed to give a teaching certificate for junior and senior high school, as well as nursing teachers. Students hoping to take this course are required to participate in the guidance session for this course to be held in early April.

Consultation Services at school and CELAS
For more information, click here.


3. Extracurricular activities

As with classes, extracurricular activities are also important. Be sure to actively participate in the following.

Official student groups and procedures for extracurricular activities

Introduction to Official Student Groups & Procedures for extracurricular activities

To see extracurricular activity facilities, click Suita, Toyonaka, or Minoh.

Undergraduate Research Project

To support students' independent research, research funds, as well as advice on research from a faculty advisor, is provided.


4. Study abroad

Support Programs for Students Studying Abroad

Osaka University offers several overseas study programs, such as student exchange programs, short-term study abroad programs, and overseas internship programs. Choose a program according to your aim in consideration of your future plan and the timing of your enrollment.

Preparing for Study Abroad

Make adequate preparations by collecting information, such as getting advice from your faculty advisor, students with experience of study abroad, persons in charge of educational affairs of your school, as well as reading the Guidebook for Studying Abroad for Osaka University Students and collecting information over the Internet.

Financial Aid for Studying Abroad

Major financial aid programs for Osaka University students hoping to study abroad are outlined here. In addition, there is financial aid available from private foundations. Please check KOAN for the latest information.

Classes conducted in English (OUSSEP)

OU students can take International Exchange Subjects conducted in English. In addition to OUSSEP, there are other courses in English.

Overseas Centers

Osaka University's overseas centers located in the U.S., the Netherlands, Thailand, and China for promoting international exchange and supporting students who are preparing for studying at the university


5. Things to know for your safety

Be careful not to give in to cult solicitation

If you see a suspicious group of people who are soliciting others or if you yourself were solicited, you are encouraged to send an email to the address noted below.  


・Avoiding scams
・Substance abuse -- not a joking matter
Cautions on consumption of alcoholic beverages
・What to do if you are in a car accident
・Campus beautification/Lost and found articles/Keep a quiet environment/Protection against theft

Students often encounter various difficulties. Here are some solutions to troubles. Make sure to read these webpages thoroughly.

Rules concerning commuting to school

Osaka University encourages its students to walk or use public transportation to get to and from its campuses. Generally, students are not permitted to commute to OU campuses by car, motorcycle, or motor scooters. Stick to the rules on bicycles and parking.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are placed in the school. Learn how to use an AED in case of emergency.

Preparing for Disasters

Information about how to prevent and prepare for fires and earthquakes

Preventing harassment (consultation services)

Osaka University strives to create a harassment-free environment.

Saving energy
Energy saving approaches at Osaka University.


6. Procedures and certificates

Handling Procedures

Information about tuition fees, financial aid, insurances, finding employment, extracurricular activities, student dormitories, changes in the Student Registration Card, classes, issuance of certificates, and consultation services.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees and methods for making tuition payments

Tuition Fee and/or Entrance Fee Exemption

A system of exemption of payment of entrance fees and tuition fees that supports students who are recognized as encountering difficulty in the payment of these fees

Scholarships & Loans

Financial aid from the Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO), municipal governments, and private organizations

Student ID Card

The student identification card verifies a student's status in the university and is used in using the automatic certificate issuing machine and entering university libraries. All students must carry their student ID wherever they go.

Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

Machines for issuing certificates for students and fare discount certificates for student travel

Certificate of Commuter Status

A certificate of commuter status for students necessary for purchasing commuter tickets

Fare discount certificates for student travel

A certificate of commuter status for students necessary for purchasing JR long-distance tickets

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS)

The system to indemnify students for the number of days that medical treatment is needed for injury incurred during regular curricular activities, extracurricular activities, or while commuting to or from university. All students are required to participate in this insurance plan.

Liability Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (LSR)

This insurance insures one against personal liability claims in the case of injury to someone or damage to another person's property during internships, teaching practices and other practices, or volunteer activities. Students pursuing education are strongly encouraged to participate in this insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance
This insurance covers a wider range than that covered by PAS.
National Pension

A pension system that all registered residents of Japan, both Japanese and foreign, are required to enroll in. For more information about "Special Exemption of National Pension Payment for Students," click here.

Housing (Student Dormitories)

There are five student dormitories. Please note that in the case of international students, the university will assign international students to dormitories; it will not advertise for them (as it does for Japanese students).


7. On-campus facilities

Student Center

At Student Centers on the three campuses, students can get services such as: applications and procedures for financial aid, applications and procedures for exemption from payment of enrollment and tuition fees, procedures for extracurricular activities, and information about employment. The centers also provide consultations on campus life and employment.

Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences

This center provides general education for students in the first and second years.

Campus Stores and Cafeteria

There are business establishments such as cafeterias and stores on the Toyonaka, Suita, and Minoh campuses. Access Maps

On-campus Nursery Schools
Temporary Nursery School

Students and faculty and staff can use On-campus Nursery Schools (2 on the Suita Campus, 1 on the Toyonaka Campus). There is also a temporary nursery school to look after preschoolers and elementary school students on a temporary basis.

Nakanoshima Center

Located in Nakanoshima, the birthplace of Osaka University, this center provides lectures for graduate students and is involved in society-university collaboration activities as the fourth campus. Students can use study rooms with Wi-Fi access.

This center is closed during the period from April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2023 due to repair work.

Tokyo Office

Osaka University's base in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Located in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo, it is used for meetings, lectures, and job-hunting for students.


8. Others

No Smoking on Campus

Osaka University is reinforcing its efforts to keep secondhand smoke away from students and staff. Currently, smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas on campus.

Organization of the University
Locations of undergraduate and graduate schools
Residence registration

If your address has changed, you need to notify the municipal government of your residence. For more information, visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website

Icho Festival

Icho Festival is held in early May every year to celebrate the day of Osaka University's founding (May 1st), welcome new students, and form bonds between faculty, students, and people of the surrounding communities.

For more information, click here.


FAQ regarding student life

About study
Q. Student ID Card
If my student ID card is lost or damaged, what should I do?
If the automatic certificate issuing machine doesn't read the magnetic strip on my student ID card, what should I do?

A. Please notify the student center to complete the procedures for reissuance of your card. If you change your personal information such as address, please contact the educational affairs division of your school immediately.
Suita Campus: Education Affairs Information Section, Education Planning Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs, 1st Basement, Administration Bureau, Suita Campus, Tel: 06-6879-7105
Toyonaka Campus: Toyonaka Student Center, 2nd floor of Student Union, Toyonaka Campus, Tel: 06-6850-6119
Minoh Campus: Minoh Student Center, 1st floor of Building A, Minoh Campus, Tel: 072-730-5081

Q. How can I get a certificate (or fare discount certificate)?

A. You can get certificates and fare discount certificates by the automatic certificate issuing machine. For information about types of certificate and locations of the machine, click here.

Q. I need to take a class on another campus. How can I get from our campus to the other?

A. You can use free shuttle bus service. For the timetable, click here.
For Lost and Found articles from the buses, please contact the General Affairs Section, Education Planning Division, Department of Educational and Student Affairs, Suita Campus. (B1 floor of the Administration Bureau) after 2:00 p.m. of the following day. Tel: 06-6879-7094

*Students can use these free shuttle buses for attending classes and extracurricular activities on other campuses; however, neither can use them for commuting.

Q. I'm thinking of study abroad. Are there any consultation services for studying abroad?

A. The Center for International Education and Exchange, the International Student Affairs Division Department of International Affairs, and the educational affairs division of your school provide consultation services. Please feel free to contact.

Center for International Education and Exchange (consultation by faculty) Mail:go-abroad[@]
International Student Affairs Division Department of International Affairs (general inquiry)   Mail:outbound[@]
Replace [at] with @ when contacting this address.


About student life
Q. What can I do if I lose any of my personal belongings on campus?

Please report the incident to an office at the nearest facility. If you found something belonging to someone else, please report it to an office at the nearest facility.

Contact: The educational affairs division of school

Q. I want to talk to someone about my problems. Where can I get consultation services?

A. Osaka University offers student counseling and consultation services. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Your personal information will be protected.
Contact: Contact point varies depending upon the nature of the service. See the above “2. Consultations about study, student life, and employment.”

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