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Campus Life

Campus Life

Campus Life

School Calendar for 2020 ~ 2021

Major dates of the academic year

Student Support Services

Here you will find links for pages where you can learn about a variety of support services for students -- financial, procedural, and more.

Student Disability Services

Visit the Counseling and Support Division of the Health and Counseling Center. The staff at our center are here to ensure that education at Osaka University is universally accessible. Our motto is: "Campus for All!" Click on the link below to learn more.

"'Gambare' [Give it your best shot!], examinee!"

The Student Committee of Osaka University Cooperative runs a web page of advice and support for students taking the Osaka University entrance examination. Note: The page is available only in Japanese.

Information for Alumni

In order to maintain and deepen our ties with our graduates, active in so many fields, this portion of the OU website will be used to share information on the university and inform you of events. Please take a few minutes to look around.

Osaka University Instruction Manual (Student Life Guide)

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