Preventing Secondhand Smoke on Campus

Osaka University's ongoing efforts to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke

OU strives to prevent secondhand smoke and promote proper smoking etiquette by:

Preventing Secondhand Smoke on Campus
Distributing pocket tissues with the secondhand smoke prevention campaign

Preventing Secondhand Smoke on Campus
Setting up booths for promoting the campaign at school festivals

The Health and Counseling Center provides services to help you quit smoking. (link in Japanese)

Smoking Booth Maps

In order to prevent secondhand smoke and provide a campus environment that is comfortable for both smokers and non-smokers alike, Osaka University has set up smoking booths on its campuses. For information on the location of these booths, please view the maps posted below.

Unfortunately, even as of September 2023, we continue to receive frequent complaints from local residents regarding the smoking etiquette of individuals both on and around Osaka University’s campuses. Thus, we ask both the members of the university and visitors to its campuses to please understand the objective of these booths and make use of them if you choose to smoke on campus.

Quit Smoking Poster (file in Japanese)


Promotion Section #2, Office for Safety and Hygiene, Department of General Affairs
Tel: ext. 9634/4027