Be careful not to give in to cult solicitation

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There are some cults that pretend to be a sports club or a volunteer club to approach students, especially freshmen, and take them to a church or game arcade to admit them into the club. Unfortunately, some OU students have been victimized.

These groups advocate "deepening friendship," "thinking of life," "considering the environment," and "contributing to local communities and international society," and seemingly look to do great activities; however, they are actually antisocial destructive cults built on a one-way dependent relationship to a specific leader.

Their technique for solicitation is so ingenious that individuals, without realizing it, fall under mind control, implanted with senses of fear and guilt, and controlled by cults. Eventually, they will mentally, physically, and financially undermine victims, destroying their youth.

Other than solicitation to a circle, these cults may approach you by saying, "We are seeking your cooperation with our surveys," "We will explain about class registration," or "Won't you join our seminar for considering life?"

Especially when you are asked or forced to participate in a sleepover seminar, donation, door-to-door sales of goods, or solicitation of other students to their group, you must be careful.

You require caution to these tricks and must know such risks in your life.

  • If you think it seems strange, you must say no with courage.
  • Seek advice from your friends, families, and university immediately.
  • If you think that you are limited in getting full information or you can get only false information, get away immediately.

If you see a suspicious group of people who are soliciting others or if you yourself were solicited, you are encouraged to send an email to the address noted below.


Student Centers

  • Suita Student Center (IC Hall): 06-6879-7086,7162
  • Toyonaka Student Center (Student Union): 06-6850-5021
  • Suita Student Center (IC Hall): 06-6879-7086, 716272-730-5082
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