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Health and Counseling Center

The Health and Counseling Center is divided into 2 divisions, the Health Care Center and the Counseling and Support Division, to provide health and counseling services to help students solve their problems and also provides support for their extra-curricular social activities.


The Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) has three offices: main office on the Suita campus and branch offices on Toyonaka and Minoh campuses. CIEE provides international students seeking jobs in Japan with job counseling services and job hunting information. It also provides Japanese Language Programs and serves as a coordinator for short-term programs such as OUSSEP.

The Information Room for International Students (IRIS) in the CIEE provides information about financial aid, housing, international exchange activities, and more.


Osaka University International Students Association (OUISA) is an organization for international students. All international students are automatically members and entitled to join in any and all OUISA events and activities.

The Campus-wide IT Authentication Platform Service in Osaka University provides an environment enabling reliable and safe user authentication for the student administration system, faculty data system, and other information systems at Osaka University. With Single Sign-On (SSO) in the IT Authentication Platform Service, proper security level of on-campus information services is ensured. A user logs in once and gains access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of them.

Osaka University continually strives to provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to experience and be exposed to primary sources of culture, art, science, and history. By showing your student or faculty/staff ID card, students, faculty, and staff are able to gain admission at "no charge" to some museums and other facilities. Osaka University provides students with learning support services. Please make full use of them

Job Counseling and
Employment Information

The Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) provides job counseling services and job hunting seminars for international students.
You can also get employment information at the Occupation Information Corners.

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