Part-time work

Because a student's main "job" is studying, if he/she decides to engage in a part-time job, he/she must ensure not only that the work is not dangerous and will not damage his/her health, but that the part-time job will not have a negative impact on his/her studies.

Please take a look at these pages for more information:

[Unfortunately, these pages are only available in Japanese.]

While Osaka University does not and will not assist students in finding part-time work, students who feel that it is necessary to have a part-time job are encouraged to go about finding such through Osaka University Part-Time Work Introduction System run by Nasic Co./ Ltd.

National Students Information Center (Nasic)

Osaka University students are able to register at a page exclusively for Osaka University students for Nasic's "Osaka University Part-time Work Introduction System." At the above page, students are able to complete registration and receive an ID and password. Once you have registered yourself in this system, you can access information on part-time jobs at any time via a computer or cell phone.

Furthermore, jobs found through this system observe the Labor Standards Act and offer compensation for on-the-job injuries.

Finally: Recently Osaka University has received complaints concerning persons, posing as Osaka University students, making phone calls, and offering their services as private tutors. Therefore, students hoping to work as private tutors are strongly encouraged to register with Osaka University Co-op and get referrals for private tutoring in this way, in the proper way.

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