Student Learning Support Services

Osaka University provides students with the following learning support services.

Please make full use of them.

Office Hours

Faculty members make themselves available to students at specified times known as " Office Hours " in which students can visit them for advice. For faculty listings, office hours, and venues, please direct questions to the Student Affairs Division of your school. Please note that faculty members may not always be available during the posted office hours because of meetings or business trips.

Study Areas

Each education and research institute has a study area(s). In addition to these places, the Student Commons has an area where students can study in the café Cartier . Study areas are intended to also facilitate exchange among students, both Japanese and international, faculty, and staff members as well as the holding events.

Multilingual Cafés

The Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (CELAS) holds get-togethers, " Multilingual Cafés ," during lunch time. Japanese students and international students, native speakers of English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, or Korean, chat together over lunch. This is a good chance to learn not only languages, but also culture and customs of other countries through exchange with international students. To see a schedule, check out the bulletin board and website .

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