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Graduate Students

Please ask a supervisor for availability.

Finding a Supervisor

Prospective graduate students and research students interested in studying at Osaka University are in principle, required to find a supervisor willing to accept them before beginning the application process.

【STEP1】 Access the Researchers Database and find your prospective supervisor!
You can search by keyword, research field, or department.

【STEP2】 Contact the Admissions Assistance Desk (AAD)
AAD offers assistance with approaching a prospective supervisor.
Applying to AAD does NOT mean that you will be accepted as a graduate student or research student. After applying to AAD, you must proceed to the admission process for the Graduate School or Research Institute you wish to enter.

【STEP3】 Contact your prospective supervisor directly.

【STEP4】 Apply to be a graduate student or research student.

Research Students

Osaka University admits research students who are interested in conducting research on specific topics and themes. In addition, we recommend that international students be accepted as research students for six months to one year before enrollment at a Graduate School. This time allows students from overseas to get used to a Japanese research environment and prepare for Graduate School entrance examinations.
In addition to Graduate Schools, the research institutes listed below also accept research students.

Exchange Students

Students enrolled in universities overseas that have inter-university or inter-faculty agreements with Osaka University may be eligible for the following four exchange programs offered by OU: OUSSEP, iExPO, FrontierLab, and Maple.

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