This is Osaka

Osaka is Japan's 3rd largest metropolis
Osaka City serves as the center of Kansai.

Osaka is a city as well as a prefecture, which is like a state or province, depending on where you are from. Located in central Japan, Osaka City is Japan's 3rd largest metropolis, following Tokyo and Yokohama.
On the other hand, Osaka Prefecture is home to 33 cities, and Osaka City is its capital.

Osaka serves as the center of a region referred to as "Kansai," an area most well-known for the 3 cities of Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto. Fast, efficient, and inexpensive public transportation links all areas of the Kansai region.

You'll be able to enjoy the tradition and history of Kyoto, the fashion and art of Kobe, and the ultra-modern downtown scene in Osaka. Moreover, the Shinkansen "bullet train" can whisk you to Tokyo or to the charms and culture of Kyushu in no time.

Osaka University, located in the northern portion of Osaka Prefecture, has three beautiful campuses in the cities of Suita, Toyonaka, and Minoh, three cities that border one another. In other words, each of the campuses is just a short bus ride from the other two.
(Osaka University provides a free shuttle bus service linking the three campuses.)

Come to Osaka and to Osaka University.
You won't regret it!

In short, Osaka and its citizens enjoy the best of all worlds, so it's no wonder Osaka natives are also known for their friendliness.
Come to Osaka University and all this and more will be at your fingertips at Osaka University, one of the foremost comprehensive research universities in the world!

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