Introduction to the 3 Campuses

Osaka University has 3 campuses,
one in each of the cities of Suita, Toyonaka, and Minoh.

Additionally, there are major transportation hubs in the same general area, Osaka International Airport, a major highway junction ("Suita") shared by 3 Kansai expressways, and Shin-Osaka Station (a train station that also provides service for the bullet trains and the Osaka subway system). All three campuses are in quiet residential areas adjacent to and serviced by the Osaka Monorail lines.

Visiting Osaka University

Suita Campus

The Suita campus is adjacent to the north edge of Expo '70 Commemorative Park (locally known as "Bampaku"). The largest of the 3 campuses, Suita has many research centers in addition to its schools.
Many university-industry joint projects are conducted on the Suita campus as well. In addition, the Administration Bureau and the two university hospitals, Osaka University Hospital and Osaka University Dental Hospital, are located on this campus.

Toyonaka Campus

The Toyonaka campus is located on a hill so its just a gentle slope climb away from the nearest stations: Ishibashi (Hankyu Takarazuka Line) or Shibahara (Osaka Monorail). There is also a shopping area in front of Ishibashi station.
Undergraduate students receive general education at the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences on the Toyonaka campus for one to one and half years, making this the campus where 1st year students spend much of their time. Following that, their main focus becomes courses related to their major.

Minoh Campus

The Minoh Campus, an urban campus with direct access to central Osaka, is located between the Toyonaka and Suita campuses, serving as a place to foster exchange between the university and citizens. In addition, the Minoh Campus has a mixed dormitory where international and Japanese students can interact.

A free Shuttle Bus Service between the three campuses – Toyonaka, Suita, and Minoh – is available to all OU students.

  • Toyonaka - Minoh: 20 minutes
  • Minoh - Suita: 15 minutes
  • Suita - Toyonaka: 25 minutes

Related Facilities

  • Osaka University Library
    Osaka University Library has 4 major libraries: Main Library on the Toyonaka campus, Life Sciences Library and Science and Engineering Library on the Suita campus, and International Studies Library on the Minoh campus as well as libraries at individual schools.
  • The Museum of Osaka University
    The Museum of Osaka University displays historic and academic samples that Osaka University has collected and preserved, introducing the university's latest results of education and research.


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