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Introduction to Osaka University

Student Dormitories & Assistance in Finding an Apartment

Student life can often be simplified by living in a dormitory. Osaka University has five dormitories: Toneyama, Seimei, Niina, Koyo, and Momiji. All rooms are Western-style and, in order to provide students with some privacy, single rooms. Rooms are furnished with a bookcase (only in Toneyama, Seimei, and Niina), a bed, a locker or closet. 

Joint-use facilities include bathrooms, rest rooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Boarding students have a cleaning rota for these facilities.
There are no restaurants in dormitories, but residents can cook in public kitchens. Internet access is available throughout the dormitories. The internet service fee is charged. To use services, you need to sign up with an Internet service provider. The boarding fees noted below do not include utilities and other incidental charges.

1. Capacity

Dormitory, gender, and monthly fee
Room size Structure type Capacity
Toneyama, men's, ¥5,900 10 m2 4-story, reinforced concrete -- 3 bldgs. 3,000m2
Seimei, men's, ¥5,900 13 m2

4-story, reinforced concrete -- 2 bldgs.


Koyo, men's, ¥4,300  9 m2 

5-story, reinforced concrete -- 2 bldgs.


Niina, women's, ¥4,300 10 m2

2-story, reinforced concrete -- 1 bldg.


Momiji, women's, ¥5,900 9 m2

4- or 5-story, reinforced concrete -- 3 bldgs.



Total capacity 454

Note: Toneyama, Seimei, and Momiji are dormitories for both Japanese and international students.
Koyo and Momiji are set to be demolished in March 2021 according to the New Minoh Campus Vision. Please note that in the case of international students, the university will assign international students to dormitories; it will not advertise for them (as it does for Japanese students).

2. Selection process and Application process

The selection and application process for dormitory occupancy differs for regular Japanese students and for international students. Therefore, ... [see below]

  • Japanese students are requested to refer to the Japanese version of this page for such information. 
  • International students -- The Department of International Affairs directly and preferentially handles dormitory occupancy for international students. If you have questions or require additional information, please contact the Department of International Affairs.

Apartments and condominiums

Osaka University Co-op mediates in assisting students find housing such as apartments. Rental conditions differ depending on building type and facilities of such. If you have any questions, please contact the office noted below.

For additional information

Please contact:

Osaka University Co-op, MY ROOM
Tel: 06-6841-3360
Fax: 06-6841-3364

National Students Information Center

(management company of student housings)


Tel: 0120-050-749

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