Applying to the Enrollment/Tuition Fee Exemption Program for Enrollment/Tuition Fee Exemption: Application Guidelines and Application System

Application Guidelines

Students hoping to receive tuition/enrollment fee exemption via the Enrollment Fee/Tuition Fee Exemption Program are requested to peruse the Application Guidelines posted below and complete the procedures by the specified deadline.

*Note: For undergraduate students, two types of application guidelines are provided, which vary by enrollment year, so please read the appropriate guidelines when preparing your application.

For undergraduates who enrolled in 2021 [A]

For undergraduates admitted in or before 2020 [B]

For graduate students [C]

Submission of application form for tuition/enrollment fee exemption for individuals who cannot leave their home country and/or cannot enter Japan

User Guide for the Exemption Application System

To apply for enrollment/tuition fee exemption, applicants need to enter their family economic situation, including family makeup and income, into the Enrollment and Tuition Fee Exemption Application System.

Please refer to the for the User Guide for the Tuition Fee Exemption Application System for details on how to fill out the form.

Application System

After entering all necessary information into the Enrollment and Tuition Fee Exemption Application System, click the register button.

Once you have successfully completed your registration, you will be issued with a receipt number.

Submit an envelope containing the printed application form (which should contain the issued receipt number) and necessary certificates to the Suita Student Center by the specified deadline.

Your application package is complete when you have registered with the application system and submitted all the necessary documents along with your application.

The application package is not complete until all required documents have been received.

Late applications will not be accepted.

*New students require a “common password” for their first log in (which is described in the Application Guidelines).

*Please complete procedures after reading its User Guide.

Click here to login to the Enrollment and Tuition Fee Exemption Application System. (Applications accepted until 16:30 on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.)

*Applications will be accepted from 12:00 am on Friday, September 10, 2021.

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