Live Locally, Grow Globally

Introduction to Osaka University

Minoh Campus

Education and research facilities (School of Foreign Studies)


To be built in 2020 (10 stories, total area: about 25,000 ㎡)

Osaka University’s Minoh Campus will move to its new location in April 2021. Based on its motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” Osaka University will strive to make the new Minoh Campus a hub for studying languages, cultures and societies from around the world and a place to nurture talented individuals with international-mindedness and professional expertise on these languages, cultures, and societies. The university will also use the new campus as a hub for sharing Japanese language and culture with the rest of the world through Japanese language and cultural education for international exchange students.

Global Village Minoh-Semba


To be built in 2021 (12 stories, total area: 10,407.64 ㎡)

Global Village Minoh-Semba, a student dormitory where international students and local students live together, serves as a place for cross-cultural exchange. It will help the increasing number of incoming international students settle into campus life quickly and nurture international mindedness in local students.

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