Campus Sustainability Office

Established in April 2017, the Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) is composed of the Environment/Energy Department and the Campus Design Department. Faculty and staff members work together in the office, with the Executive Vice President of Facilities serving as the head of the office and the director of the Department of Facilities serving as the vice-head.

Because of the importance of maintaining/improving sustainability of the university and the necessity of strengthening the governance of land and buildings on campus as a whole, the CSO is in charge of planning, designing, and overseeing policies on facilities improvement, while the Facilities Management Steering Committee is in charge of deliberation of policies.

Campus Sustainability Office

Environmental Reports

Osaka University Environmental Report 2020 provides, in addition to report on matters required by law, a whole picture of the university’s environment-protection measures, including its environmental issues and concrete measures to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

OU will run articles that deal with its efforts for SDGs and activities for sustainability on campus in the Finance Report and Comprehensive Report in the future. Osaka University Environmental Report 2021 focuses on efforts required by law.

The Campus Sustainability Office has compiled its activities from last academic year into a supplementary booklet for Osaka University Environmental Report 2021.