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Environment and Energy Division

In order to accomplish the goals of the Campus Sustainability Office (CSO), the Environment and Energy Division is engaged in planning, designing, and monitoring of the university’s responses to comply with laws and regulations, such as the Act on the Rational Use of Energy (Energy-Saving Act), Osaka Prefecture Regulations on Global Warming Prevention, and other related laws.

Specifically, the division operates the Electricity Consumption Visualization System, oversees the energy conservation plans, and holds energy saving promotion meetings to support the university’s efforts to save energy.


  • 2019.12.13 - Energy-saving poster (Winter 2019) published
  • 2019.9.30 - Environmental Report 2019 published
  • 2019.6.27 - Meeting on the Promotion of Energy Saving held
  • 2019.5.31 - 2019-2020 Osaka University Energy Conservation Plan published

Osaka University Environmental Policy

Efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which were set in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted at the UN summit as goals for international society including developed nations, have already started.

Osaka University has a mission to contribute to both regional and international society through further promotion of environmental endeavors, which is defined in OU Vision 2021 as well. In order to carry out this mission, the university needs to show its strong determination to address environmental protection on a campus-wide basis to OU community members.

Thus, the university revised the “Osaka University Environmental Policy” in April 2018 to express its determination to address environmental protection and policies pertaining to it.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Reports

Business operations such as enterprises, organizations, and schools regularly release their environmental reports to show their thoughts about the environmental burden caused by their business activities, their environmental protection policies as well as their efforts to lessen impact on the environment.

Osaka University issues environmental reports in order to obtain understanding of the university’s environmental efforts from local individuals and raise the awareness of OU members regarding protection of the environment.

Energy Conservation Plans

In order to promote low-carbon campuses, Osaka University creates Energy Conservation Plans each year and carries out the endeavors written in the plans on all campuses.

Posters to Promote Energy Saving

The poster for Winter 2019 was made to pose an important question to members of the university: while the effects of global warming may contribute to efforts to conserve energy in the winter, is that really okay? The poster features Dr. Wani pictured on a globe that has been colored based on data published by the Japan Meteorological Agency on trends in long-term changes of annual average temperature.

Electricity Consumption Visualization System

Follow the link below to see electricity consumption of the Suita, Toyonaka, and Minoh campuses.

Detailed information about electricity consumption of each building collected through the university’s in-house network is introduced on the intranet.

Investigation into the use
long-term data of the Electricity Consumption Visualization System

Osaka University began to operate a system to measure and display the power consumption of major buildings in 30-minute intervals on June 2011.

The university compiled a report on the result of investigation into the technological process to the wide use of this collected data.

Energy Conservation Guidelines

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