Osaka University ASEAN Campuses aim to contribute to the solution of issues in the ASEAN region while focusing on the individuality of each country's society and culture, and develop infrastructure to benefit those societies through international, innovative approaches such as co-creation with industry, government, academia, and the community by nurturing advanced global human resources in the fields of bioengineering, applied physics, infectious disease, environmental engineering, halal science, biodiversity and bioresources, and Japanese language and culture.
By remotely performing education and research at the same level as Osaka University at overseas campuses that have strong collaborations with local universities, it becomes possible to widely seek out outstanding, highly-motivated students and send them to our graduate university and Japan-based businesses in their countries.
As a result of the expansion of our human network cultivated together with countries in the ASEAN region and through the development of collaborations with local universities there, Osaka University continues to contribute to solutions to global challenges.


  • Contribute to high-quality growth based on the 3Q principle (Quality of Life/Nature/Technology)
  • Apply accumulated achievements through long-standing collaboration in the ASEAN region to cultivate high-level local talent
  • Develop infrastructure to benefit society through innovative approaches such as co-creation with industry, government, and universities internationally
  • Co-create new values by building innovation networks incorporating local and Japan-based enterprises
  • Implement international joint degree programs in the fields of bioengineering, applied physics, infectious disease, environmental engineering, halal science, biodiversity, bioresources, and Japanese language and culture
ASEAN Campus Organizations
-- Research and education partners for OU ASEAN Campuses

International Education Programs

Osaka University International Certificate Program (OUICP)

OUICP is a new educational program in collaboration with Osaka University Joint Campus counterparts.

Double Degree Program

Double degree program allows students to register as a regular student at Osaka University and a foreign university simultaneously and obtain degrees from both.

Osaka University ASEAN Campuses

Contribution to “Quality Growth” and the development of high-level global
human resources for the next generation in ASEAN countries and Japan

Collaboration going beyond countries, fields, and sectors

Equal collaboration that goes beyond borders with our overseas counterparts based on agreements and MOUs
Collaboration with industry, government, academia, society, and academic fields based on global demands

Implementation of multiple “Open Innovation” collaborations overseas

Local-oriented education
On-site education based on local demands

Utilizing locally established advanced research environments of Japanese-style lab-based learning and Japanese language education Conducting Joint Diploma Programs by collaborating with local professors and locally established OU professors

With minimal economic impact

Regional networking
Collaborative programs between ASEAN countries and Japan

Common education programs and research platforms in four ASEAN countries
Brain circulation in the international joint research networks between Japan and ASEAN countries

Leading education and research collaboration inside and outside of ASEAN countries

Socially oriented
Social contribution based on the long-term outlook of social implementation

Efforts to challenge local issues for the improvement of the 3Qs (Quality of life, Nature and Technology) Emphasis on contributions to the construction of a co-creative knowledge-based society in Japan and ASEAN countries, and solutions to global challenges (SDGs) 

Contribution to “Quality Growth” in ASEAN countries

International Affairs Division,
Department of International Affairs