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Introduction to Osaka University

Osaka University Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan was formulated in 2016.

 At Osaka University, we have formulated the “Osaka University Campus Master Plan 2016.”

 This Campus Master Plan focuses mainly on the Toyonaka and Suita campuses, and while there are portions included regarding the concept of the Minoh campus, details of this can be found in the Minoh Campus Master Plan formulated in 2009.


•Cover/Table of Contents
•Chapter 1: The concept of the campus master plan
•Chapter 2: Clearing up the unique aspects and landscape to develop
•Chapter 3: Expectations to and evaluation and validation of the Campus Master Plan
•Chapter 4: Land use and design concept
•Chapter 5: Management of sustainability and disaster prevention
•Chapter 6: Maintenance management and inheritance of natural resources
•Chapter 7: Campus safety and security - traffic and parking
•Chapter 8: Achieving the concepts
•Chapter 9: Challenges in the future
•Back cover


*Viewing the master plan

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