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10 Selected Papers


World-Leading Selected Scientific Papers

Each year, many Osaka University researchers publish their research results in scientific papers. Ten Selected Papers are introduced here. All Osaka University researchers were asked to nominate what they considered to be outstanding papers published between early 2005 and early 2006. From the papers suggested, the Editorial Committee chose 100 as being noteworthy and 10 as being especially preeminent. Here, the first page of each of the 10 papers is printed just as it appeared in the original journal along with two pages of comments by the author. If you are interested in any of these 10 papers, please contact the authors by e-mail. The e-mail addresses of the researchers are listed on the Osaka University web site.


 Humanities & Social Sciences

IKEDA Shinsuke -Institute of Social and Economic Research-
[Luxury and Wealth]
vol7_12-14.pdf (PDF 960KB)


HASHIZUME Ko -Graduate School of Science-
[A Non-Terrestrial 16O-rich Isotopic Composition for the Protosolar Nebula]
vol7_15-17.pdf (PDF 1.4MB)

KUBO Takashi and NAKASUJI Kazuhiro -Graduate School of Science-
[Synthesis, Intermolecular Interaction, and Semiconductive Behavior of a Delocalized Singlet Biradical Hydrocarbon]
vol7_18-20.pdf (PDF 1.6MB)


ONO Atsushi and KAWATA Satoshi -Graduate School of Engineering-
[Subwavelength Optical Imaging through a Metallic Nanorod Array]
vol7_21-23.pdf (PDF 1.5MB)

NAOTA Takeshi -Graduate School of Engineering Science-
[Molecules That Assemble by Sound: An Application to the Instant Gelation of Stable Organic Fluids]
vol7_24-26.pdf (PDF 1.3MB)

TAKAHASHI Kouhei and TONOUCHI Masayoshi -Institute of Laser Engineering-
[Terahertz Radiation by an Ultrafast Spontaneous Polarization Modulation of Multiferroic BiFeO3 Thin Films]
vol7_27-29.pdf (PDF 1.5MB)

TSUJI Nobuhiro -Graduate School of Engineering-
[Hardening by Annealing and Softening by Deformation in Nanostructured Metals]
vol7_30-32.pdf (PDF 1.4MB)

LEIBNITZ Kenji -Graduate School of Information Science and Technology-
[Biologically Inspired Self-Adaptive Multi-Path Routing in Overlay Networks]
vol7_33-35.pdf (PDF 1.0MB)


KATO Hiroki and AKIRA Shizuo -Research Institute for Microbial Diseases-
[Differential Roles of MDA5 and RIG-I in the Recognition of RNA Viruses]
vol7_36-38.pdf (PDF 1.6MB)

YOSHIDA Hideyuki and NAGATA Shigekazu -Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences-
[Phosphatidylserine-Dependent Engulfment by Macrophages of Nuclei from Erythroid Precursor Cells]
vol7_39-41.pdf (PDF 1.7MB)

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