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Vaccinations for workers at schools and nurseries in Suita City have begun at OU


Osaka University performs COVID-19 vaccinations in order to reduce the burden on local municipalities and contribute to accelerating the pace of vaccinations in Japan.

Vaccinations for OU students, faculty, and staff began on Monday, June 21 for priority groups, with full-scale vaccinations beginning on Friday, July 2. From Monday, July 19, these vaccinations have expanded to cover workers at nurseries and schools in Suita City according to the university’s agreement with the city.

At the Convention Center on the Suita Campus, the vaccination venue for these workers, vaccinations for OU students have already begun, so vaccine doses will be administered to some 1,500 people a day.

In addition to currently administering doctors and nurses from the university's Health and Counseling Center, doctors and nurses from Osaka University Hospital and external clinics will help out with vaccinations at the venue.

Booking of vaccination appointments for August begins:

  • Faculty and staff: Reservations begin at 12:30 on Monday, July 19
  • Students (excluding undergraduates): Reservations begin at 12:30 on Tuesday, July 20
  • Undergraduate students: Reservations begin at 12:30 on Wednesday, July 21

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