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COVID-19 workplace vaccinations at Osaka University


Recently, the government announced the opening of an avenue for COVID-19 vaccinations -- companies and universities.

In response to this announcement and requests from Osaka Prefecture, Osaka University has decided to prepare for vaccinations at the university according to the details listed below in order to reduce the burden on local municipalities and contribute to accelerating the pace of vaccinations in Japan.

COVID-19 vaccine rollout date

Monday, June 21, 2021 (tentative)


Osaka University

Intended for

OU students, faculty, and staff members who wish to be vaccinated

Scale and pace of these vaccinations

These vaccinations will start off with small numbers but there are plans to scale up to 1,000 shots per day.

These vaccinations are only intended for individuals who wish to receive them. Vaccination is not mandatory in any way and there will be no negative impact on individuals should they choose not to receive a vaccination.

Details regarding these vaccinations will be communicated to university members when they have been decided.

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