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Osaka University celebrates the 90th anniversary of its founding on May 1


May 1st marks the anniversary of the founding of Osaka University.

On this day ninety years ago in 1931, Osaka University was born as Osaka Imperial University.

The monument of Osaka Imperial University with the inscription* about its founding (“The Monument to the Foundation of the School of Science” housed by OU), “Osaka was the most economically influential city in the Kansai region and a preeminent world power, but its academic system was not fully equipped, with only one medical school established in the past.” (synopsis)

*This inscription is currently on display at the Museum of Osaka University.

Some 100 years ago, people in Osaka, which was called the “Great Osaka” and was the most prominent city in East, desired the establishment of a comprehensive university to further its development.

In the spring of 1931, with support from the business and government sectors of Osaka, Osaka Imperial University was founded in Nakanoshima, Osaka as a university tied to local community on the initiative of the people of the region.  

Placing world-class Physicist NAGAOKA Hantaro as the first president of the university, the Opening Ceremony for Osaka Imperial University was held. (May 1, 1931) (From the photo collection entitled "50 years of Osaka University")

Two years later, after integrating Osaka Technical School into the university according to the initial plan, Osaka Imperial University started as a university with its 3 schools: Medicine, Science, and Engineering.

Since then, the university has gone through a number of transitions, such as the introduction of the new school system after WWII, the establishment of its School of Letters, the expansion of its education and research organizations in response to the needs of the times, and its merger with Osaka University of Foreign Studies in 2007, developing as a comprehensive university under its motto of “Live Locally and Grow Globally.”

  The Main Gate of Osaka University’s Suita Campus amid the golden glow of sunset (from the Osaka University Official Instagram)

In this year of great significance, one which marks the 90th anniversary of Osaka University and the 100th anniversary of Osaka University of Foreign Studies (OUFS was established in December 1921), OU renews its resolution to become a world-class innovative university through co-creation with society while engaging in its own university reform in order to address complex global social challenges.

Osaka University's 90th Anniversary and Osaka University of Foreign Studies' 100th Anniversary Celebration (link in Japanese)

Osaka University holds its annual Icho Festival in early May to celebrate the day of its founding, welcome new students, and form bonds between faculty, students, and people of the surrounding communities. Although last year’s Icho Festival was cancelled, this year’s festival is being held entirely online.

A variety of online communication tools are available, so we hope you all can experience the latest OU in this online festival.



2021 Icho Festival 


For details regarding online events, click here

Given the growing concerns surrounding COVID-19, Osaka University is holding the 2021 Icho Festival entirely online. We'd be delighted if these fun events spark your interest in OU.

Commemorative Exhibition at the Museum of Osaka University for Osaka University’s 90th and Osaka University of Foreign Studies’ 100th Anniversary: "Community-based Learning – The Foundation of Osaka, City of Learning, and the Common Goal that Unites People"

For details, click here (link in Japanese)

2021 marks both the 90th anniversary of Osaka University and the 100th anniversary of Osaka University of Foreign Studies. Though their individual backgrounds are different, both universities were born and nurtured through the emotional bonds between people and have contributed to academic pursuit and societal development.

This exhibition looks back on the century-long history of Osaka University, a global university that serves as the foundation of Osaka, the city of learning.

Dates: Tuesday, April 27 ~ Tuesday, August 10, 2021 *Due to the state of emergency declaration, the Museum of Osaka University is currently closed until Tuesday, May 11.

Venue: Machikaneyama Shugakukan, Museum of Osaka University (Admission is free)

Times: 11:00~16:00 (Last entry is 15:30; closed on Sundays and holidays)

Sponsored by: Museum of Osaka University, Toyonaka City

Co-sponsored by: School of Foreign Studies, Tekijuku Commemoration Center, Archives,  Center for Kaitokudo Studies of the Graduate School of Letters (all in Osaka University), Toyonaka City Municipal Hall

In cooperation with: Sakuyakai (Alumni Association of the Osaka University School of Foreign Studies and the Osaka University of Foreign Studies)

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