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OU receives its third Gold rating in a row in PRIDE INDEX 2021!

On November 11, 2021, Osaka University received its third consecutive Gold rating in PRIDE INDEX 2021, an index evaluating corporate initiatives related to LGBT, a first for universities in Japan.

Osaka University has placed great priority on actively promoting Diversity & Inclusion, holding ongoing seminars and training, establishing a consultation counter, and disseminating information to society.

In 2021, Osaka University designated the period from July through October as “Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Months at OU,” holding various events each month.

In September, Osaka University announced its Diversity & Inclusion Declaration, pledging to promote an environment that accepts and respects all forms of diversity. OU also opened its Diversity and Inclusion Space as a place for promoting communication.

OU will continue to strengthen its endeavors for promoting a diverse and inclusive climate at the university by focusing on three pillars: changing the way community members work and study, making multilateral efforts for inclusion and respect for diversity, and equally supporting members to advance gender equality.

For more information, visit the website for the Center for Gender Equality Promotion. (link in Japanese)

OU receives its third Gold rating in a row in PRIDE INDEX 2021!
President NISHIO Shojiro

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