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July ~ October -- Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Months at OU


This year, Osaka University will designate the period from July through October as Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Months to take the lead in enhancing diversity and inclusion efforts in its community.

The university has made efforts to create an environment to achieve diversity in all areas of the university and to provide support for all genders, sexual orientations and gender identities, disabilities, nationalities, races, cultures, ages, and senses of value.

The university will continue to work on creating an inclusive campus where all community members feel acceptance and achieve excellence.

Activity during Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Months

July Lecture on Human Rights Issues: Cultural and Artistic Activity by Individuals with Challenges and its Market
August Campaign to Expand the SOGI Allies Circle: Respect for Diversity so that Everyone can Express their Talents and Individuality

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

  • Completion Ceremony for D&I Space
  • D&I Declaration to be publicized
Training for managers (E-Learning)
Lecture on Human Rights Issues: “SOGI Human Rights Apply to Each and Every One of Us”
October General Symposium: Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment

SOGI: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


For more information on each event, click here. (link in Japanese)

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