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The In-App Open Campus is back on the MyHandai App!


This summer’s In-App Open Campus is back due to popular demand.

From 12:00 on Thursday, October 1 until Saturday, October 31, the In-App Open Campus will be making its return to the MyHandai App. All the various content from this summer’s In-App Campus will be available to view during this period, such as introductions to undergraduate schools, mock classes, introductions to research, and OU student life stories told by current students and alumni!

Install the MyHandai App on your phone, check out all the content the app has to offer, and picture yourself as an OU student!

Pictured above are screens from the August 2020 version of the In-App Open Campus. This fall’s In-App Campus revival will offer additional content for users to enjoy!

You can continue to use the app after the 2020 Open Campus, and, eventually, after you become an OU student!

For more information, please view the special page for Open Campus, and don’t hesitate to join us!

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