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Applying for Enrollment/Tuition Fee Exemption, etc. (2020-2021 academic year, October enrollment)


The following file was posted to the Application Guidelines and Forms page on Friday, August 31, 2020:

“Instructions for Application for Exemption or Deferred Payment of the Enrollment Fee and Exemption, Deferred Payment or Payment by Installments of the Tuition Fee in the 2020-2021 Academic Year [October Enrollment Fee, Tuition Fee for the Second Semester (from October to March), and Change(s) in Application Information Provided for Tuition Fee Exemption, etc. for Both Semesters].”

Applicants are requested to read the instructions carefully in order to complete the application procedure.  Strict observation of the deadline is required.

Note: Paper copies of above PDF are not available at Student Centers.


Tuition Fee Exemption Section, Suita Student Center

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