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“In-App Open Campus” live until August 16 on newly released MyHandai App version 2.0!


Note: The following information was current as of July 31, 2020. The "In-App Open Campus" concluded on August 16, 2020.

The MyHandai App (previously only available to current OU members) has been upgraded to ver. 2.0 (iOS/Android) for the general public, including prospective students and alumni.

Now anyone can join the 2020 Osaka University Open Campus [Explanatory Session] using this mobile app from 12:00 noon on Monday, August 3.

About the MyHandai App 

The MyHandai App, the official smartphone app that Osaka University developed and released in 2018, links directly with the Student Affairs Information System KOAN.  

OU members can get the latest information on schedules and bulletin board messages, reserve books at the library, and even browse issues of the digital magazine “Machikane!” by logging in using their Osaka University ID number.

The newly released ver. 2.0 (iOS/Android) is available to the general public in app stores.

In addition to currently available “Machikane!” magazine (only available via the MyHandai app) and convenient and enjoyable features like an OU campus guide “Map,” limited-time content focusing on the appeal of OU will also be added in the future.

The first round of this limited-time content, “In-App Open Campus” will be available at 12:00 noon on Monday, August 3 until Sunday, August 16.

This is a must-see for prospective students and their parents!

Download the app today on your device of choice; it’s free! For more details, check out the MyHandai App introduction page.

“In-App Open Campus” 

With its upgraded app, students hoping to enroll in OU can join the 2020 Open Campus using a mobile phone.

In this “In-App Open Campus,” a variety of videos, such as introductions to undergraduate schools, mock classes, introductions to research, and OU student life stories told by current students and alumni, will be available from 12:00 noon on Monday, August 3 until Sunday, August 16.

Install the app on your phone and picture yourself as an OU student!

You can continue to use the app after the 2020 Open Campus, and, eventually, after you become an OU student!

For more information, please view the special page for Open Campus, and don’t hesitate to join us!

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