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Regarding applications for JASSO Disaster Subvention for damages caused by heavy rain in early July 2020


Applications for financial support are now being accepted from students (including international students) whose residence or the residence of their primary financial provider(s) was partially or totally damaged and/or inundated above floor level due to damages caused by heavy rains in early July 2020 (specifically the period beginning on July 3, 2020). Students eligible for this financial support will receive a lump sum of 100,000 yen (no repayment required).

Those who wish to apply should confirm the details of the program via the link below and perform the necessary procedures.

JASSO Disaster Subventions

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact information below.


JASSO Scholarship Section, Toyonaka Student Center
TEL: 06-6850-5037, 5038, 5039, 8372

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