JASSO Disaster Subventions


JASSO Disaster Subventions is a program provided by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). It supports students whose residence or the residence of their primary financial providers was partially or totally damaged and/or inundation above floor level in a natural disaster, as well as international students who suffer the similar damage. This program provides 100,000 yen to eligible students so that they can return their lives to normal and continue their studies as soon as possible. (No repayment required)

Those who fulfill the application requirements below and are considering applying for the program should carry out the necessary procedures.

*For more information about JASSO Disaster Subventions, click here .

Who is eligible :

1) Students currently studying at a university, junior college, or graduate school located in Japan (this includes international students studying in Japan)

*Credited auditors, research students, and auditors are ineligible for this program.

*Individuals receiving other financial support via JASSO or another organization can also apply for this program.

2) Individuals who, due to the occurrence of a natural disaster, suffered partial to total destruction (including total/partial loss by fire, total/partial loss by water flow, total/partial burial, and inundation above floor level) of their and/or their primary financial providers’ residence and individuals who are unable to enter their residence for one month or more due to an evacuation recommendation issued by local governing bodies.

*Any damage incurred prior to enrollment or while not attending school is ineligible for this program.

*Only one application may be made per disaster.

3) Individuals who are deemed to have a desire to study and will securely be able to finish their coursework during the length of their course of study by the head of their college.

*Individuals who are currently repeating a year at school due to poor grades are ineligible. However, students who are repeating a year at school due to study abroad or another reason other than poor grades are eligible for this program.

Amount of financial aid : 100,000 yen (no repayment required)

Necessary procedures :

Please send an email that includes the following information (1~8) to the Toyonaka Student Center (gakusei-sien-en2@office.osaka-u.ac.jp).

*The subject of your email should be JASSO 災害支援金申請事由 (Application for JASSO Disaster Subventions)”

(1)   Name

(2)   Student ID number

(3)   School/Graduate School

(4)   Year in school

(5)   Nationality (international students should also include their visa status)

(6)   Type of natural disaster which caused the damage

(7)   Address of the house than incurred the damage

(8)   Details of the damage incurred (i.e. when, where, what happened, what is the damage situation)

Example: My current residence (at the address listed in (7)) was partially destroyed by typhoon no. X that impacted the area on mm/dd/yyyy. I am currently looking for a new place to live but am under pressure in terms of both time and money, which is affecting my studies.

Points of caution :

1. The necessary procedures listed above are intended for confirmation of the applicant’s eligibility for this program). Qualified applicants will be informed of further necessary procedures.

2. A Disaster Victim Certificate issued from the local government (a copy of the document is also acceptable) is necessary for the confirmation of the extent of the damage. If it is not immediately available, send the documents used to apply for the Disaster Victim Certificate with the local government instead.

3. Please note that since nominations for this program from the university to JASSO must be made within 6 months following the month the natural disaster occurred, individuals hoping to receive this support are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

(July 29, 2020 update)

*We ask that you carefully read over the JASSO Disaster Subventions FAQ before submitting your application. The JASSO Disaster Subventions FAQ can be found here . (file in Japanese)


Toyonaka Student Center (2F, Student Service & Union)

Email: gakusei-sien-en2@office.osaka-u.ac.jp

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