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Once again, congratulations on your entrance to OU! “Welcome to OU! Social Event for Incoming OU Freshmen” going on now!


After the season of cherry blossoms and greens, we find ourselves in a rainy season when hydrangeas flowers turn more vibrant every time it rains.

From Monday, June 15, OU has been holding a series of social events on the Toyonaka Campus intended for new students who are living alone away from their families.

To avoid close contact in a crowed and closed space with poor ventilation, the venue is the auditorium of Osaka University Hall, with a seating capacity of 462, and the maximum number of participants per session is limited to 100.

This event contains a variety of programs and a social gathering by school in order to provide new students, who feel uneasy in an unfamiliar place, with an opportunity to open up one another and enjoy student life.

In the sessions of 60 attendees from 8 schools on Day 1 and 95 attendees from 9 schools on Day 2, those who looked nervous in the beginning loosened up by the end of the session.

OU staff members including Senior Executive Vice President for Education and Research and General Affairs TANAKA Toshihiro prepared to bring smiles to new student faces.

President NISHIO Shojiro, faculty members and upperclass students of 11 undergraduate schools, and even Dr. Wani, boosted the mood at the venue.

The event had originally been scheduled to run until Saturday, June 20, but it has since been lengthened and will now conclude next week.


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