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Welcome to OU! Social Event for Incoming OU Freshmen Living Alone (Commuters living at home are also welcome!)

2020-6-15 (Mon) - 2020-6-20 (Sat)

Osaka University will be holding an event for incoming college freshmen living on their own! (Commuters living at home are also welcome!)

Due to the large number of applications, we have added more sessions!

It’s been over 2 months since new OU students began their studies in April, and yet, most haven’t had an opportunity to come to campus. Quite a few students don’t really feel like they've become OU students just yet.

Some new students have even left their families and hometowns to attend OU while living alone, which can make them feel especially uneasy.

Osaka University will do its best to make up for the delay of these past 2 months.

If you:

  • Want to make friends because online school feels a bit isolating,
  • Want to know what OU's campuses are like,
  • Or you just want to try some of the food on campus

Then this event is for you!

We hope that incoming freshmen who are living alone, such as in an apartment or dormitory, will come and join us.

Applications are now open for students commuting from home as well! [Updated: June 11, 2020]
Due to the large number of applications, we have added more sessions! [Updated: June 17, 2020]

Any new students who have not yet participated are encouraged to apply.
To those of you who applied for but weren’t selected to participate in Part 1 of these sessions, here’s your chance to apply again and join us!

Note: This event will be held in Japanese.


  • Introduction to OU
  • Campus Introduction
  • Introduction to Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture
  • Social gathering by school
  • …and more!

Dinner will be offered.

*This event is free to attend.


[All sessions until Friday, June 26]

Osaka University Hall, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University

[Saturday, June 27 only]

U3 Bldg., School of Engineering, Suita, Campus, Osaka University

Dates and Times

Part 1

Monday, June 15 – 17:30~19:00 (Application Deadline: Friday, June 12 – 15:00)

Tuesday, June 16 – 17:30~19:00 (Application Deadline: Monday, June 15 – 15:00)

Thursday, June 18 – 17:30~19:00 (Application Deadline: Wednesday, June 17 – 15:00)

Friday, June 19 – 17:30~19:00 (Application Deadline: Thursday, June 18 – 15:00)

Saturday, June 20 – 17:30~19:00 (Application Deadline: Friday, June 19 – 15:00)

 *If too many applications are received, successful applicants will be chosen by lottery.

Part 2 

Monday, June 22 – 17:30~19:00

Tuesday, June 23 – 17:30~19:00

Wednesday, June 24 – 17:30~19:00

Thursday, June 25 – 17:30~19:00

Friday, June 26 – 17:30~19:00

Saturday, June 27 - 11:00~12:30 (This session will be held on the Suita Campus.) 

*Applications will no longer be accepted once capacity has been reached for all sessions, so make sure to apply soon!

To apply

Please apply via MyHandai (internal use only) or the MyHandai app.

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