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Osaka University receives Sustainable Campus Encouragement Award


On Saturday, November 23, Osaka University received the Sustainable Campus Awards 2019 Encouragement Prize in the Campus Sustainability-Considered Student Activity Division at the 2019 Campus Sustainability Network in Japan (CAS-Net Japan) Conference held at Nagoya University. The installation of a bathroom and powder room at the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences through a cooperative workshop with the student organization “Osaka University Bathroom Study Group” was highly evaluated in Osaka University’s selection to receive this prize.



Established in March 2014, CAS-Net JAPAN aims to contribute to the formation of a sustainable, eco-friendly society in Japan. Particularly outstanding examples of this are recognized through an award system in 3 categories concerning campus stability: Buildings and facilities, university management and regional collaboration, and student activity. Osaka University received this award through successful collaboration with students’ extracurricular activity to produce a facility with a high level of satisfaction.

Moving forward, the university will continue to promote facility improvement through collaboration with students to realize an open, sustainable campus that nurtures diversity.

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