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Bathroom and powder room completed through co-creation between Osaka University and Panasonic Corporation


As a part of Osaka University’s 90th and Osaka University of Foreign Studies’ 100th Anniversary Commemoration Project, a powder room and bathroom were completed in the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences on the Toyonaka Campus, with the opening ceremony held on Thursday, April 4. This powder room and bathroom will contribute to the diverse environment promoted at Osaka University.

This renovation project was carried out with extensive support from Panasonic Corporation. With the aim of creating a space that will lead to the improvement of Osaka University’s brand image and an increase in motivation for prospective students to enter the university, this project took shape through workshops between Panasonic and OU students to gather opinions on powder rooms and bathroom and apply them to Panasonic’s technology and product appeal. Osaka University is expanding creative activity together with society under the key concept of “co-creation,” and this project was realized through co-creation between Osaka University and Panasonic.

Some 80 individuals were in attendance at the ceremony, including related corporations including Panasonic, who donated the powder room, related individuals at Osaka University, OU students who participated in the workshops, members of the Osaka University Bathroom Research Group, and members of the general public, making for a pleasant atmosphere from start to finish.

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