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Workshop and award ceremony for the idea and design competition for the "Cybermedia Commons" (on the Suita campus)


On Friday, July 4, the second screening for student ideas and design to be used in the "Cybermedia Commons" (as it is tentatively named) was held in a workshop at the School of Engineering on the Suita campus with 17 students and 7 faculty and staff members in attendance. Although the number of entries was not so high, undergraduates through to graduate students from a variety of schools submitted excellent and unique proposals, 18 in all. Following the presentations of the proposals, while paying attention to the primary screening and votes by students, discussions were held in three categories: (1) Suggestions on uses for and/or events to be held in the space, (2) Suggestions on a nickname for the space and its logo, and (3) Suggestions on the interior design of the space.
Students and faculty and staff members discussed the role of the Cybermedia Commons, and which ideas and proposals should be used.

The following awards were then announced:

Cybermedia 1Cybermedia 2Cybermedia 3


Golden award (over-all championship)

"MISHITE [Let me see] -- your petit lab proposals", SONE Chisato, 4th year, School of Human Sciences
Ms. Sone won the golden award (over-all championship) for her analysis of students' image based on her interviews with students and several unique suggestions she made on the use of the space.

Golden Award
Suggestions made by SONE Chisato


Names of the persons and the titles for their ideas (2nd and 3rd level awards) are displayed as deemed appropriate by the judges

Silver award (Suggestions on uses for and/or events)

  • Design award: My Commons -- forming a hierarchy of space by partitioning it with drapes, HYASHI Kyohei, 2nd year, master's course, Graduate School of Engineering
  • Concept Award: CyCAS -- making this place especially unique, FUJIKAWA Yuika, 2nd year, master's course, Graduate School of Engineering

Silver award: (Suggestions on nickname for the area and its logo design)

Design award: Connecting and mingling -- presentations at will, TABE Isami, 1st year, master's course, Graduate School of Engineering
Concept Award: From i to Re -- visualizing what we couldn't see, YAMAWAKI Takeo, 2nd year, master's course, Graduate School of Science
Idea Award: Cbud -- the power of light, IZUMIMOTO Jun-ichi, 1st year, School of Engineering; YAMAMOTO Asako, 1st year, School of Foreign Studies

Silver award (Suggestions on interior design of the space)

Design award: STEP UP BY CYBER MEDIA -- Area demarcation through differences in floor height, TOGAKI Junpei, 4th year, School of Engineering
Idea Award: Labocafe -- Making space with cubes, MATSUMOTO Takuya, 1st year, master's course, Graduate School of Engineering

Bronze award (recognizing part of suggestions)

  • A place students would like to visit, NAGAYOSHI Chihiro, 2nd year, School of Foreign Studies
  • Producing area demarcation through lighting differences, TSUKUDA Masaki, 2nd year, master's course, Graduate School of Engineering
  • Space for relaxation -- a place where individuals gather, YAKURA Masato, 2nd year, School of Economics
  • Partitioning with walls that move up and down; a theater space, Shan Xiaotong, 1st year in the master's course, Graduate School of Engineering
  • GREEN Commons -- totally covered with artificial turf, KITAGAWA Kota, 2nd year, School of Engineering

How to use these proposals

This webpage states only the winners and the summary of the screening process. Regarding how to develop these suggestions and apply them into the actual planning, we will discuss at building renovation meetings and post the results on this page at a later date. We'd like to congratulate the winners. Thank you for participating in the screening, discussion, and making suggestions.

Cybermedia 4

Screening committee chairman: ABE Hirokazu, Professor, Cybermedia Center
M.C. for the screening panel:YOSHIOKA Satoshi, Associate Professor, Campus Design Room

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