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OU Competition "(temporary name) Cybermedia Commons (Suita)" Recruiting Student Ideas & Design (OU Competition & Workshop) -- Registration deadline & Submission of works: June 30

2014-6-2 (Mon) - 2014-6-30 (Mon)

Cyber Media CenterConstruction of a new building and renovation of the (current) main building of the Cybermedia Center on the Suita campus is coming along. On the 1st floor of the main building, a large 570 ㎡ "active learning space" for students is in the plans, temporarily named "Cybermedia Commons."

In order to get more students aware of this space and get them to use it, we are announcing an "Ideas and Design" competition and workshops so that, upon completion, we will have a jointly designed space.

Organized by: Cybermedia Center

Jointly sponsored by: Campus Design Office, Facilities Department, Department of Information and Communication Technology Services, Osaka University

How to participate in this competition

• Eligibility is limited to currently enrolled OU students
• Submit design input/suggestions for the 570 ㎡ space on the first floor of the renovated Main Building of the Cybermedia Center.

CATEGORIES: Deign Input/Suggestions/Ideas are requested in the following 3 categories. Your input may be for one or more of the 3 categories. Multiple entries are permitted.

Ⅰ.Suggestions on uses for and/or events you like to have.

II. Name/Nickname for the area. Also, logo design, character design, design concept, etc.

III. Interior design of the space. (furnishings, lighting, furniture, flooring, walls, ceiling, etc.)

Schedule and Workshops

Web registration and questions/inquiries: no later that Monday, June 30

Workshop #1 (Explanatory Session): Monday, June 13 -- 6:00 ~ 8:00 p.m.

Suita venue: Large conference room, 3rd F, Main Bldg., Cybermedia Center (Suita)

Toyonaka venue: Large conference room, 7th F, Cybermedia Center (Toyonaka)

Minoh venue: Conference room #307, 3rd F, B Bldg., Minoh campus

Workshop #2 (2nd Screening): Friday, July 4 -- 6:00 ~ 9:00 p.m.

Venue: Large conference room #618, 6th F, Engineering U1W Bldg. (GSE Common West), Suita campus

Awards to be Conferred

  • Overall Grand Prize -- 1
  • Idea/Concept Awards -- 1 award for each of 3 categories
  • Design Awards -- 1 award for each of the 3 categories
  • Honorable Mention Awards -- several

Note: Recipients for all of the above awards are hoped for. You can help us by participating in this contest!

Please also note: All awards include "gifts" of yet unspecified value.

Application form

To make application, click on the image below.


Further information

For more information, contact:

Campus Design Office
Tel: 06 -6879-4479
Fax: 06-6879-7139
Email :

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