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Toyonaka City's "Coming of Age" Ceremony to be held at Osaka University


Next year, the Toyonaka City Coming of Age Ceremony will be held in Osaka University Hall on January 12.

For the past 3 years, Toyonaka City has been in the process of replacing its city hall and, consequently, has been holding ceremonies and other special events at schools and elsewhere. In what will be the final year of this borrowing of halls for city events, Osaka University received a request from Toyonaka City for use of the Toyonaka campus. President Toshio HIRANO responded to this request, saying that the university would cooperate if possible.

The site for next year's ceremony, Osaka University Hall, is the oldest building in Toyonaka City and a national registered cultural asset. In fact, last year on June 25, on a visit to view materials at Tekijuku, their Majesties the Emperor and Empress visited it. (Toyonaka Mayor Keiichiro ASARI was in attendance during their visit.)

With its motto of "Live locally, grow globally," Osaka University sincerely hopes that for the young people coming of age next year, Osaka University Hall will become a place of many good memories.

Osaka University Hall


大阪大学会館01 大阪大学会館02

For more information or questions about the Coming of Age Ceremony

Youth Development Division, Board of Education, Toyonaka City
Tel: 06-6866-3030
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