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Osaka University Symposium "Toward the Future of Medical Knowledge"


On Saturday, August 3, the Osaka University Symposium "Toward the Future of Medical Knowledge" sponsored by The Yomiuri Shimbun was held at the Congrès Convention Center, Grand Front OSAKA in the Umekita district of Osaka City.

In the 1st Part, lectures were delivered by three guests. NISHIDA Koji, Professor, Graduate School of Medicine talked about health, longevity, and regenerative medicine under the theme of "The Future of Eyes and iPS Cells." Next, KAWASAKI Kazuo, Specially Appointed Professor, talked about design, medical care, risk management, and HASHIMOTO Sanai's student days in a speech entitled "Tekijuku's HASHIMOTO Sanai and Advanced Design." Finally,  KUSAKABE Yo, author, talked about his experience in medical care for the aged and his own nursing care.

In the 2nd Part, a round-table talk about the future of Japanese medicine and life was held with these three guests and WAKIHAMA Noriko, an announcer from the Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.

Prof. Nishida, Prof. Kawasaki, and Mr. Kusakabe (from the left)


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