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The President and Trustees visited Global Leaders High Schools


Osaka University concluded agreements with Osaka Prefecture Board of Education, and 10 Global Leaders High Schools (GLHS) in July 2012. As part of this collaborative project, the President Toshio HIRANO and trustees visited these high schools and told the students, in lectures and round-table talks, about the allure of Osaka University and the real joy of scholarship and research.

On October 19, President Hirano visited Osaka Prefectural Mikunigaoka Senior High School to deliver a lecture and had a round-table talk with students hoping to enroll in the schools of medicine, dentistry, and pharmaceutical sciences. He gave an enthusiastic message to the students who are in the midst of choosing their future courses in life.

To learn more about President Hirano's visit, click here.

In addition to these visits, Osaka University is arranging projects such as high school students visiting Osaka University to further promote this collaboration between local schools and OU.

To learn more about the trustees' visits, click here.

10 Global Leaders High Schools (GLHS) 

  1. Osaka Prefectural Kitano Senior High School
  2. Osaka Prefectural Toyonaka Senior High School
  3. Osaka Prefectural Ibaraki Senior High School
  4. Osaka Prefectural Otemae Senior High School
  5. Osaka Prefectural Shijonawate Senior High School
  6. Osaka Prefectural Kozu Senior High School
  7. Osaka Prefectural Tennouji Senior High School
  8. Osaka Prefectural Ikuno Senior High School
  9. Osaka Prefectural Mikunigaoka Senior High School
  10. Osaka Prefectural Kishiwada Senior High School

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