Culture-Oriented Activities


Group Name

Achievements / Description of Activities

1 Culture Leadership
Our activities center around making Zahyoh and circle orientation.
2 Male Chorus
Primarily we work on concerts that are held twice a year, in the summer and winter.
3 Symphony Orchestra
We work on practicing for concerts that are held regularly twice a year and performances at special events such as entrance ceremony and graduation ceremony.
The English Speaking Society (ESS) engages in 5 activities and has won various types of competitions.
5 Shogi
We are always trying to improve each others' play in order to make it to the national tournament.
6 Photography
We take photos almost every day. We hold exhibitions 3 times a year.
7 Mixed Chorus
Osaka University’s official mixed chorus group. We sing the student song at the entrance ceremony and hold yearly concerts.
8 Freund Chor
Using various instruments and music of various genres and countries, we are a music group with its own unique style.
9 Light Music ( Rock / Swing )
6th, Yamano Big Band Jazz Competition; Stellarjam nominee (top 6), Stellarjam
10 Guitar
We perform periodic concerts and joint concerts with other universities every year.
11 Astronomy
We hold stargazing parties, build planetariums, and sell astrophotographs.
12 Rakugo
We work on practicing for performances at vaudeville theaters that are held regularly. We also practice Japanese musical instruments such as shamisen , drum, and flute. We also write "letters for yose (Japanese theater)".
We provide support for Japanese students doing internships abroad as well as international students in internships in Japan.
14 Ancient Art
We produce magazines and go on tours mainly at shrines, ruins, and old castles in Kansai.
15 Amateur Radio
In Amateur Radio you can, through your broadcasts, make contact with people throughout Japan and throughout the world. It's that kind of activity/club.
16 Magic
We are a magic group and enjoy doing everything from "table magic" to "stage magic".
17 Law
We get together once a week for study sessions to enjoy deepening our understanding of law.
18 Railroad
We have yearly exhibits at both university festivals, publish a bulletin once a year, have training camps 3 times a year, and participate in the Kansai Student Railroad Association exchanges.
19 Mandolin
We aim to create high quality music in our mandolin orchestra.
20 Calligraphy
We enjoy calligraphy for exhibitions and school festivals.
21 Contract Bridge
We enjoy the most famous card game in the world. Osaka University is a school known for producing a representative every year.
22 Japanese Tea Ceremony
Under the guidance of our teacher, we take lessons in Japanese tea ceremony and tea ceremony parties.
23 Folk Song
We are the biggest light music circle at Osaka University.
24 Pottery
Our main activity is making pottery. We sell things that we made at university festivals.
25 Biological Society ( old / new )
On our holidays we go to all over -- to the mountains, rivers, and sea to view all sorts of interesting life forms.
26 Noh
We practice and present chanting of the Noh text, the dance, and musical instruments. We make presentations at a chartered Noh theater in two times a year.
27 Puppeteer "Sesekurase"
In Osaka and Hyogo, we do presentations at kindergartens, elementary schools and other places.
28 Social Dance

2020: Team 1st Place (all matches) - Kansai Student League Competition,

National Winter Competition -  Team 1st Place

29 Wind Orchestra
We participate in periodic concerts, summer concert at national public universities in the Hanshin area.
30 Art
You can draw pictures for our 4 exhibitions when the time is good for you. We also hold training camps.
31 Go
We took the 5th place in spring and 2nd place in the fall in the Kansai League. Mori advanced through the Kansai qualifier of the Women's Student Honinbo Tournament.
32 Movie
Our activities include making and appreciating movies. We won the grand prize in the Handai Movie Festival and the Kansai Movie Festival.
33 Archeology
We go 1~2 times a month to visit archeological sites and museums in the Kansai area.
34 Philosophy of Civil Rights
We hold an exhibition indoors during the Icho and Machikane festivals on educational problems. We also volunteer at the Kansai Foreign Students Music Festival.
35 Bible Club
We have fun together discussing and learning about the ways of thinking found in the Bible.
36 Legal Consultation
We give free legal advice to citizens of Osaka Prefecture.
37 Volunteer Circle Frontier
We support individuals with special needs.
38 SF
In addition to appreciating SF, we are an unstructured easy-going group that plays a lot of board games.
39 Mystery
We have a regular book club meeting every Saturday. We invite authors to give us a lecture and we also produce the bulletin "Trap."
40 Theater
Founded as a group 40 years ago, we are the oldest troupe that continues to perform.
41 Computer
We hold technical classes and at the Icho and Machikane festivals, we make computer-generated programs.
42 Manga
We work on the publication of our club magazine, mainly devoted to our original manga creations.
43 Animation
We build relationships with each other and other clubs and deepen our own knowledge through animation.
44 Board Game
We play board games while researching various strategies.
45 Ginsho
We perform concerts using traditional Japanese instruments, primarily koto and shakuhachi .
46 International Law
Mainly, in mock trials twice a year, we work on our public speaking skills and understanding of international law.
47 Post News Service
We report on happenings at Osaka University and other universities in the Kansai in our newspaper five times a year.
48 [Electronic] Tool Box
We participate in exhibitions in the Icho and Machikane festivals as well as in events outside of Osaka University.
Quiz Society "OUQS"
Champions, web EQIDEN2020
50 Troupe "Chauka Chawan"
We have performances five times a year.
51 Naniwa Culture
We study the food culture and tourist attractions of Osaka. At the university festivals, we demonstrate our achievements and make "tako-yaki."
52 Piano
We don't just perform concerts at our university festivals, but also perform regularly once or twice a year outside the university.
53 RPG
We all engage in a tabletop role-playing games. Great fun!
54 Troupe "Mufukan"
We present performances 5 times a year both on and off campus.
55 Literature
We engage in creating written material, and criticizing it.
56 A capella Inspiritual Voices
Our groups have entered Japan Acappella Movement and other competitions multiple times. We have also appeared at Hamonep League (a national a capella competition) 3 consecutive times.
57 Karuta
The team won the B and C rank tournaments in the 2015 National Student Karuta Tournament. The team also won the team competition in the national tournament, with many individual accolades.
58 Modern Theater
We have performance several times a year both on and off campus. We particularly encourage individual expressive activities.
Public Policy
We hold workshops, participate in essay contests, and provide Toyonaka City with advice on policies.
60 Festival Dancers, Madani
For the second year in a row, we won the Japan Right in the Middle Festival, we won the "All-Japan Campus Battle"
61 Environmental GECS
We participated in ecocon 2019 and the 2019 National Environmental Student Convention
62 Spanish Dance Al Compás
We perform in Tokyo, Tateyama, the Icho, Summer, and Machikane festivals, as well as other events.
63 Summer Festival Committee
We're in charge of the Summer Festival on the Minoh Campus, which takes place every July.
64 Osaka University Choir -- Tempest
Web practice chorus songs in foreign languages and participate in concerts and competitions. We also hold annual performances in January!
65 Movie making team -- OUT+V We're engaged in planning and production of movies to be broadcast on O+PUS multipurpose video monitors
66 International issue study group We hold monthly study sessions, study tours, and lectures by various VIPs.
67 Electone circle HANON
We have ensemble and solo performances at 2 of the university festivals every year.
68 Belly dance circle Halaawaat
We perform both indoors and outdoors at the 3 college festivals each year, as well as other off-campus events.
LEGO We hold workshops for children and put our works on display at university festivals.
70 Robohan We participated in the NHK Student Robot Contest for the sixth consecutive year
71 Osaka University Competitive Programming Circle "RAINBOU" We participate in programming contests both in Japan and overseas as a group.
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