Official Student Groups

Sports-Oriented Activity

The "Osaka University Sports Union" was set up for the purpose of promoting sports-related extracurricular activities and the various sports groups and currently has approximately 6,000 members.

The Osaka University Sports Union currently consists of 59 sports-oriented groups (as of June 1, 2024).

Culture-Oriented Activity

The "Osaka University Culture Union" was set up as an organization to unify, strengthen, and promote cultural activities and groups at Osaka University.

The Osaka University Culture Union currently consists of 71 culture-oriented groups (as of June 1, 2024).

In addition to the above activities, there is also The Steering Committee for Osaka University Festivals to plan and managee the two Osaka University festivals -- Icho and Machikane -- as well as other events, enlivening such events with innovative ideas.

You can view the website of each club by clicking the club's name in the tables above.

Please note: These club websites are managed directly by the clubs themselves, not Osaka University. Osaka University is in no way responsible for the content of such pages.