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Strength as a Team Conquers "Fastest Sport on Two Feet" (Men's Lacrosse Team "Cyclops")

The right people in the right positions

A victory in the final match of the 26th Kansai Student Lacrosse League Division 1 on November 14, 2015. The members of Cyclops, whose team name comes from the one-eyed monster of Greek legend, were thrilled at this unexpected result.

“Kwansei Gakuin University beat us pretty badly in the preliminaries, so we played the final match against them with a strengthened resolve to win the game,” said then-Captain Yuta SAKAMOTO (4th year, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences). "It was an amazing closing of a year full of ups and downs.”
League point scoring champion and MVP Ryo YAMASHITA (3rd year, School of Engineering Science) spoke about the reason for the team's victory, saying, “My scoring was just a part of it. What was really great was that we had the right people in the right positions.”

Scouting opponents to prepare match tactics

Lacrosse is a full contact sport played between 2 teams of ten players each carrying a lacrosse stick, or crosse, on a 100m x 55m field. Balls are often shot at over 160 kph, which is why this sport is sometimes called the “fastest sport on two feet.” While it is necessary to have good physical ability, analyzing detailed information on your opponents beforehand is also crucial. "We watch and film matches of other schools at different fields. Managers are responsible for operational management so that the players can focus on their game," explained Head Manager Rika KISHIMOTO (3rd year, School of Foreign Studies). “We prepare game plans by watching these films to predict the offense and defense of our opponents,” explained Coach Yoshiyuki OKADA (1st year, master’s program, Graduate School of Engineering) about the team's tactics.

The new team slogan, "Stay Greedy"

The slogan for the new team, which looks to repeat in the Kansai League, is “Stay Greedy.” Current Captain Shohei YAMASHITA (3rd year, School of Engineering Science) said, "We will stay greedy, relentlessly drive towards victory, and never give up.” Coach Okada mentioned, “Everyone on the team starts playing after entering university, so it's possible for them to be selected as All-Kansai or even All-Japan lacrosse players. I encourage anyone who wants to leave a legacy in sports to come have a look.” Former Captain Sakamoto added, “This sport is perfect for those who want to dedicate themselves to something in addition to their studies. Join us. You won’t regret it.” Each member of the team expressed the appeal of lacrosse.

Men's Lacrosse Team "Cyclops"

Started in 1990, Cyclops merged with the Osaka University of Foreign Studies Lacrosse Team, “Red Rabbits,” in 2008. (Osaka University merged with Osaka University of Foreign Studies in 2007.) Currently consisting of 65 members, the team is active on all 3 of Osaka University’s campuses. The merger of the two teams can also be found on the team logo, which features the names of both universities. Cyclops is a member of the Kansai Student Lacrosse League’s 1st Division, and the team won the Kansai League in the 1st Division for the very first time in 2015, which was followed up with a 2nd place finish by the team at the National Tournament.


•Photo from Osaka University NewsLetter No. 71

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