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Light Music Club SWING - Annual Award Winners at the Highest Level Competitions in Japan

Strength as a Team Conquers "Fastest Sport on Two Feet" (Men's Lacrosse Team "Cyclops")

[Osaka University Baseball Club] Playing Team Baseball to Become the "Strongest Team in Club History"

Japanese Archery Club - Winners of the Men’s and Women’s Team and Individual Competitions at the Seven Universities Meet

OU Undergrads Win Grand Prize in National Public Policy Proposal Forum!

A Powerful, Spectacular Performance that Only Students Can Deliver (OU Orchestra)

No Ring, No Coach, No Problem - OU Sumo Club's Determination Leads to Remarkable Success Despite the Odds

Young Women of OU Challenge the World

Tobitate! Study Abroad - The Young Women of Class 2 from OU

Aiming to Become a World-Class Hat Designer

On Stage in America, the Home of Comedy - Livening the Crowd with a Single Mic (Saku YANAGAWA, 4th Year, School of Letters)

OU Student becomes 2nd Japanese and 1st female Lego® Master Model Builder

Delivering Good Fortune from the God of Scholarship (Jade Thiriat, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)

A Half-Century in the Making - OU Student Dominates Kansai Tennis

Naoko HIGUCHI (2nd year, School of Science) of the Osaka University Tennis Club took 1st place at the highest level university tennis tournament in the Kansai area, the Kansai Student Tennis Tournament (August 25 ~ September 1). This victory was the first in nearly a half-century for an OU student. With her eyes set on placing highly at the national tournament, Ms. Higuchi is out on the court practicing every day.

OKAZAKI Mizuki, 3rd-year student, Department of Physics, School of Science

Saki NISHIYAMA, Class of 2015, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, moves onward and upward in her life, holding fast to her love of the piano

One of her teachers advised her saying, “You can continue to play the piano even if you enroll in a comprehensive university, but you may find it difficult to switch to medicine if you attend a music college.”

Leading construction equipment manufacturer KOMATSU fascinates visiting students

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. ensures quality by coupling advanced technology with human experience

The Key to Progress is Team Unity: Go for Division 1! - Osaka University American Football Club

OU Festival Dance Club "MADANI" -- Delivering Local Kansai Energy throughout Japan through their Original Dances

What's NEW

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