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Tobitate! Study Abroad - The Young Women of Class 2 from OU

The Tobitate! Study Abroad Program is one where students are nurtured to become human resources who can thrive on the world stage. In her application, Ms. Tani mentioned that she wants to “work at a Japanese company in a developing southeast Asia. I especially want to experience the differences between the religious views of Japan and Indonesia.” Ms. Hojo, who has been a member of the International Issue Study Group (SWADOM) since her first year at OU and also belongs to the international politics seminar, is heading to the headquarters of the EU, Belgium. “I want to visit a variety of different countries while keeping my base of operations in Belgium. I want to learn more about immigration problems. In the EU, there are mixed levels of awareness about this issue, so I’d like to understand these problems at the citizen’s level.”

After returning to Japan, it’s anticipated that the students will contribute to gathering momentum for students to study overseas by expressing the appeal of an overseas experience. And Ms. Ishikawa has a strong intent to do just that. She says that by experiencing study abroad, she can support students who find it difficult to gather information on study abroad programs from the standpoint of another student attending the same university. “I will utilize OU’s study abroad exchange programs while also attending an internship vocational school at my study abroad location. At this vocation school, I plan on getting dispatched to an NPO that deals with study abroad support.” Ms. Ueda, who will be studying in the UK for 1 year, has an interest in education in developing countries. “I didn’t hesitate at all to study abroad as a 4th year student. The professor of my seminar told me that ‘graduating in 5 years has nothing to do with being able to get a job,’ so I wasn’t concerned at all,” said Ms. Ueda, to which Executive Vice President HIGASHIJIMA agreed, “On the contrary, there are businesses who look for those people who have experience studying abroad., even if it means extending their college career for another year. I think you should go for it.” Just as with last time, there is one science-oriented student going to study abroad. Ms. Abe is going to study in a medical institution in Canada. “I’m interested in how Japan will lead the world in healthcare-related industries. After learning about the state of Canadian healthcare in Vancouver, I plan to take on an internship in a medical setting.”

To their juniors in school, the members agreed in chorus:

“I believe that there are many things to gain through Tobitate! Study Abroad. I want you all to give it a try.”

“We want to cause action in order for more students to apply to Tobitate! Study Abroad.”

Executive Vice President HIGASHIJIMA also gave them some encouraging words, saying, “I’m glad to hear I have your cooperation. I hope that more and more enthusiastic students like yourselves will apply for this program.”

Tobitate! Study Abroad – Osaka University Group 2 Students

TANI Michiho (3rd Year, Indonesian Language Department, School of Foreign Students)
[Emerging Economies Course]
Islamic University of Indonesia (Indonesia)

HOJO Marisa (3rd Year, Department of International Public Policy, School of Law)
[World-Leading Institutions Course]
Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

ISHIKAWA Sayuri (3rd Year, English Language Department, School of Foreign Studies)
[World-Leading Institutions Course]
University of Toronto (Canada)

UEDA Rihoko (4th Year, Department of International Public Policy, School of Law)
[Unique Challenge Course]
University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

ABE Mayuka (2nd Year, Master's Program, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences)
[Natural Science Cross-Disciplinary Course]
Mainland Clinic (Canada)

HIRAYAMA Sho (4th Year, Arabic Language Department, School of Foreign Studies)
[World-Leading Institutions Course]
Technische Universität München/Maastricht University (Germany)

Message from the Inaugural Class

AIKAWA Eriko (5th Year, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine)
Study Abroad Location: Kings College London (England)
Study Abroad Period: January 6 ~ March 24, 2015

In London, I had some difficulties getting a feel for the difference in time and costs between England and Japan, but I feel that even though my English isn't the best, I feel that I made much more of an effort to express that I want to understand, even more so than in Japan.

A short-term study abroad is by no measure a small burden on the accepting institution, so they don't really enjoy too much merit from taking in an international student for such a short term. But even so, please don't forget to be thankful that they will so eagerly accept you, and make sure that you make the most of your time abroad.

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