“3 Minutes of Inspiration for Sustainable Development” Student Video Contest

“3 Minutes of Inspiration for Sustainable Development” Student Video Contest

How can we contribute to solving social issues and help achieve SDGs? This video contest may become your first step in taking an action and making a difference in your locality, community, society, and the world by sharing your ideas from wherever you are. We launched this Student Video Contest in 2021, and since then we received 161 videos from 17 countries.

This year we are excited to organize it again! We invite all students at Osaka University and our partner universities worldwide to join us and actively participate in this contest.

  • Share your ideas about how you can make a difference in your locality, community, society, and the world from the perspectives of the SDGs in a 3-minute video!
  • Engage in a dialogue with other students from all around the world with contest winners at the “Student Forum 2023”!
  • Let’s act proactively to achieve the SDGs together, we can construct a better future!

Best SDGs Idea Prize
Best Production Prize

Nomination awards and more
· Osaka University Certificate for all video entries
· The shortlisted videos will be screened at the Awards Ceremony and the Student Forum.


  • Any student at Osaka University and its over 600 partner universities around the world (https://www.osaka-u.ac.jp/en/international/action/index.html) ( APRU | AEARU | U7+ )
  • Must be able to participate in the Awards Ceremony and Student Forum (to be held online) on December 15, 2023 (tentative)
  • Individual or group entry are both welcome. Please note that only one entry per individual or group can be submitted. In the case of a group, students from other non-partner universities can participate as long as the group representative is from Osaka University or one of the partner universities. One group may include up to 6 members.

Tips for Submission

  • What can you do to help solve issues facing your localities, communities, society and the world? How can you contribute as a member of society?
  • Focus on a social issue that your community (university, city, region, etc.) faces related to the SDGs, and try to provide at least one recommendation or innovative solution through your video.
  • Decide how to deliver your ideas, project, and creations! We welcome any creative ways to present your ideas, including presentations, animations, or other forms, for example, that incorporate original songs, dances, poems, or plays. You can also exhibit projects that you developed, such as tools, robots, or software.
  • We look forward to seeing many inspiring videos that capture the originality, creativity and social impact of your proposal.

Video Requirements

  • Length: 3 minutes
  • Language: You can submit in English, Japanese, or your native languages.
  • (For languages other than Japanese or English, please make sure to add English subtitles.)
  • File size: Up to 400MB
  • Quality: High-quality video is encouraged (The video quality can range from 4K to lower, including videos made on smartphones).
  • Format: .mp4, .mov

How to submit your work:

Step 1: (optional): Attend an “online session” to ask questions and learn more about this contest. *(We will share the “online session” information through our SNS and with students who have already signed up in the entry form)

Step 2: Please fill out the entry form by October 22, 2023.


*If this link does not open, please register here: https://forms.office.com/r/WRriYFPyAv

Step 3: Please upload the following files to the link that we will send you to your registered email*:

  • Your video files
  • A word document containing:
    • Video title
    • Video’s content description (100 words in English or 200 words in Japanese)
      • Full names and profiles of all members (university name, department, grade, and nationality)
    • The group representative’s contact information (email address, postal address)
    • A photo thumbnail from your video (16:9 size recommended)

*Note: Once you register in the entry form, we will send you an invitation link asking you to upload your video and supporting documents. Please make sure to enter your email correctly in the entry form. Once you receive the link, please upload all your documents in the above order and submit us. We will confirm the receipt of your materials by email. Therefore, if you do not receive any confirmation email, please contact us at: sdgs@cgin.osaka-u.ac.jp.

Selection Timeline

  • Early November: Preliminary screening and selection of videos (at Osaka University)
  • Mid November: Feature shortlisted videos on Video Contest pages:
  • Weibo page https://weibo.com/uosaka)
  • Early December: Final selection by external judges
  • December 15, 2023 (tentative): Awards Ceremony and Student Forum (online)

Main Judging Criteria

The videos will be judged based on:

  1. Overall quality of the video
  2. Clarity, inspiration and relevance of central message to the contest themes
  3. Originality and creativity (e.g., videos with too much royalty free works (images, sounds, videos) will be considered less original.)
  4. Level of video production technique

Entry Deadline: OCTOBER 22, 2023 [SUN]
Video Submission Deadline: OCTOBER 31, 2023 [TUE]

Terms of Submission

All entries must be original, unpublished works.

  • The images, music, and materials used in the submitted works should be those that do not violate intellectual property rights such as copyrights, or those for which any necessary permission is acquired. If any person or copyrighted material (paintings, photographs, works of art, etc.) appears in the video, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the person or the copyright holder. In the unlikely event that any objection is raised by any parties who have any rights, including copyrights, neighboring rights, or portrait rights, the applicant shall be responsible for resolving the issue at his/her own expense. Osaka University shall bear no responsibility whatsoever.
  • If the organizer judges that any of the following items apply to your entry, it will be excluded from the judging process:
    • In violation of the above precautions;
    • Artwork that violates or may violate any other laws or regulations;
    • Entries that slander individuals, companies, or organizations, invade privacy, contain violent, discriminatory, or obscene expressions, or are offensive to public policy, such as encouraging crime;
  • All copyrights and other intellectual property rights for submitted works belong to the applicant. However, Osaka University or an organization authorized by Osaka University has the right to use the work on the university's webpage, SNS (YouTube, Facebook Instagram, etc.), or in events such as award ceremonies, free of charge, without requiring permission from the applicant.
  • The work may be partially edited (adding subtitles and narration, still images, cropping, etc.) for use above mentioned.
  • If there are any falsehoods or violations regarding the contents of the entry, the prize may be cancelled even after the announcement of the winner.
  • By submitting their work, the applicants are deemed to have agreed to all of the precautions outlined in the entry guidelines.

Handling of Personal Information

  • Applicants’ personal information will be used only to the extent necessary for the operation of this contest, and personal information will not be disclosed or made public without the consent of the applicant.

Precautions to prevent spread of COVID-19

  • When producing a video as a group, please follow the guidelines of your university to prevent spread of coronavirus infection and keep safety in mind.

For more information on Student Video Contest in previous years, please read the news releases:

Contact Information

OU SDGs Student Exchange, Center for Global Initiatives
Osaka University
Email: sdgs@cgin.osaka-u.ac.jp

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