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Greeting from Executive Vice President Kawahara

Greetings, this is KAWAHARA Genta, Executive Vice President of Global Engagement and Student Support at Osaka University.

Under the leadership of President Nishio, Osaka University formulated “OU Vision 2021” in March 2016. OU Vision 2021 focuses on openness and consists of 5 pillars: "Open Education," "Open Research," "Open Innovation," "Open Community," and "Open Governance."

Based on this vision, Osaka University aims to become one of the best innovative universities in the world. To this end, we need to form a global campus as an "Open Community" in which diverse, outstanding people and wisdom intersect.

To achieve this, it is necessary to both accept international students and researchers from nations and regions all over the world, as well as actively send students from Osaka University overseas.

These endeavors will be promoted by the Center for Global Initiatives, which was restructured in April of this year, as well as by strengthening cooperation with the Center for International Education and Exchange. This support will further develop based on the 3 objectives listed below.

1. Development of Exchange with Universities Overseas
Osaka University will continue its endeavors to expand and improve its overseas network consisting of 4 overseas centers (North America, Europe, ASEAN, and East Asia) and the over 110 inter-university agreements and over 570 inter-faculty agreements with universities overseas, as well as promote active exchange among researchers and students.

2. Strengthening of Collaboration with Global Knowledge Partners

Osaka University will promote bonding with Global Knowledge Partners, or universities and research institutions with which the university can share ideas and orientation from a broad perspective and mutually increase competitive strength, and produce positive results in specific exchange programs.

3. Establishment of an Overseas Campus
As a concrete measure in the global expansion of the university, Osaka University plans to establish an overseas campus. Osaka University will develop high-level human resources who can solve global issues such as environmental issues and an aging population, issues that Japan has experienced and the world will inevitably face. At the same time, the university will expand its resources in education and research to the overseas campus.

With your continued support and understanding, I intend to carry out my duty to promote international coordination between Osaka University and institutes overseas. Thank you.



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