Greeting from Executive Vice President KAWAHARA

Greeting from Executive Vice President KAWAHARA

Globalization has advanced at an unprecedented rate in recent years due to increased access to the internet, the expansion of free trade, and other factors. Consequently, international collaboration has been hampered as competition between nations and businesses intensifies. Meanwhile, global issues related to energy, the environment, food provision, and now the COVID-19 pandemic have grown more serious.

Under such circumstances, international exchange carried out by universities through academic research and higher education is an invaluable asset. Additionally, solid inter-university partnerships will only grow in importance as we seek solutions to these worldwide issues. The research, education, culture, art, and medicine that universities promote transcend competition. Academic institutes forge sustainable international networks for the peace and welfare of humanity. Through such networks and with a wide variety of global stakeholders, we must advance global cooperation and seek solutions to social issues.

In 2016 we established OU (Osaka University) Vision 2021 with the hope of realizing an Open Community. We wish to emphasize the importance of fostering innovation through co-creation as opposed to competition, and social spaces where diverse knowledge and people meet and interact are vital parts of contributing to optimal social development.

Osaka University hopes to see our above-stated goals become reality. As such, we are promoting a variety of global partnership projects through joint efforts within the university. Among those partnerships, we would particularly like to highlight two initiatives: our Global Knowledge Partners (GKP) and Osaka University ASEAN Campuses.

Currently, Osaka University has more than 130 inter-university academic and exchange agreements with countries and regions all over the world. Based on these agreements, we may further deepen and expand our strategic partnerships and establish inter-organizational initiatives with leading overseas universities. Such connections enable us to establish the world's foremost research hubs and make use of their cutting-edge academic output to tackle the challenges of today's world.

Connecting Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brunei, the Osaka University ASEAN Campuses were founded as a result of the international joint research achieved so far with ASEAN countries. OU has been carrying out academic activities in each country and promoting the growth of research and education that will help solve challenges the ASEAN region faces. We hope to contribute to high-quality growth based on the 3Q principle: Quality of Life/Nature/Technology.

Osaka University will accept researchers from all over the world so as to blend a variety of knowledge and skills. In doing so, it is our hope that our campuses will become places where talented, innovative thinkers are educated and outstanding research is produced.

It is through these initiatives that we aim to contribute to achieving the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

Our steadfast support of global partnerships between Osaka University and overseas institutions will surely continue with everyone's understanding and support.

Thank you.


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