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Introduction to Osaka University

Talks with the President

A Conversation Between Society and University: Changing Society through Collaboration Between Business and University - Creating New Worth and Diverse Knowledge

President Nishio's conversation with Kunio NOJI (Chairman and CEO, Komatsu Ltd.) featured in Public Relations Magazine of National Universities

[Individuality Surpasses Gender] Aiming for the Realization of a Diverse Environment where All Members of the University Can Succeed and Thrive

One of the biggest challenges at Osaka University is the enrichment of a work and research environment in which each member of the university can display their own individuality and ability, no matter which stage of their life they are currently in. "Why is diversity necessary now?" MURAKI Atsuko, Former Vice Minister at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and currently a visiting professor at Osaka University, had a discussion with Osaka University President NISHIO Shojiro about a new form of gender equality and support for those individuals with disabilities.

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