Meet the President

Meet the President

Messages from President Nishio
Featured here are President's Addresses, Graduation Speeches, and New Year's Greetings.

Talk Sessions Between the President and Students
Talks Sessions Between the President and Students are held once a month as a place for students and President Nishio to talk freely and education and research at the university. These talk sessions promote communication between President Nishio and students and provide the president with valuable opportunities to listen to student feedback and needs, show his university vision to students, and share awareness on shaping the university of future with students.

Meetings with Department Staff
President Nishio and Executive Vice Presidents have held meetings with department staff since September 2021. President Nishio and Executive Vice Presidents visit departments at OU to frankly speak about various topics with staff. These meetings are good opportunities to share problems facing departments and think of the future direction of the university. Since these meetings are broadcast online across the university, even staff outside of these departments can view to deepen their mutual understanding.

Introduction to topics of education, research, and co-creation activity at OU

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