Osaka University’s COVID-19 response levels

In this era of coexistence with COVID-19, Osaka University aims to return to normal operations based on the “Osaka University’s Standard Measures for Preventing Infections,” while taking preventing measures to prevent according to the policies of the national government and Osaka Prefecture and the current status of the spread of infection.

In carrying out its activities, OU will take adequate measures for preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus, while providing proper arrangements for individuals with specific needs* based on the Osaka University Guidelines for Social Distancing in the COVID-19 Era.

*Pregnant women, those who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill, such as the elderly, those with an underlying condition (diabetes, heart failure, respiratory disease (COPD etc.)), those receiving dialysis, and those who are taking immunosuppressants or anticancer drugs, and those who feel an overwhelming anxiety related about COVID-19.

The university will continue to monitor the situation and modify its response levels accordingly.

(Response levels remain at level 1)

*For information regarding medical care at Osaka University Medical Hospital and Osaka University Dental Hospital, please refer to the links below.

The latest information will be provided through KOAN.

The latest information will be provided through My Handai.

Osaka University Department of Safety and Hygiene

TEL: 06-6879-4027 FAX: 06-6879-4024
E-mail: anzen-suisindai2[at]
*Please replace [at] with @ when contacting this address.

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