Personal Information Protection System and Procedures for its Disclosure

Summary of the Personal Information Protection System

Under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc. (May 30, 2003, Law #59), anybody can request the disclosure of personal information held by Osaka University. Legal representatives of minors and adult wards can request on behalf of their charges. This also applies to a request for correction or suspension of use of personal information.
Osaka University aims to implement fair and reliable management by protecting personal rights and benefits through the establishment of regulations necessary for proper handling of personal information.

Procedures for disclosure of personal information held by Osaka University

Individuals hoping to access documents are required to fill out a Personal Information Disclosure Request form and turn in or send it by postal mail to the Personal Information Protection Counter, Document Management Section, General Affairs Division, Department of General Affairs.
When requesting information disclosure, applicants must show or submit some form of identification, valid forms of identification for the same registered address and name such as a driver's license, health insurance card (with numbers of insurer and insured covered), personal information card or basic resident register card,  residence card or special permanent resident certificate, or a copy of their family register.
In making a request by postal mail, both a copy of one of the above-mentioned documents and a copy of residence certificate (made within 30 days) are necessary. For a legal representative, for proof of identity, a copy of the minor's or adult ward's family register or other certificates of qualification (made within 30 days) must be shown or submitted.
The disclosure request fee is ¥300 per document .

Payment of fees

Please transfer the fee at a bank, pay in cash at the General Affairs Division, or send in the fee by registered mail. (Postal money orders are also accepted.)

Bank transfer

Applicants are responsible for bank transfer fees.

Bank : MUFG Bank, Ibaraki Branch

Account number : 1287934 (ordinary account)

Account holder : 大阪大学 情報公開(オオサカダイガク ジョウホウコウカイ) [Osaka University Information Disclosure ]

In case of transfer via ATM, the account holder name will be shown as:

Account holder: コクリツダイガクオオサカコウカイ

For more information about information disclosure request, contact:

General Affairs Division, Department of General Affairs

Tel : 06-6105-6163

Determination of disclosure of the document

When information disclosure is requested, within 30 days after the date of the request, the applicant will be informed of the decision in writing.

Disclosure implementation

Documents may be viewed by disclosure applicants or a copy of such may be provided to the applicants. Applicants who receive the notice of determination of information disclosure are requested to inform the university of the preferred disclosure method; viewing or copying, by submitting Disclosure Method Form enclosed with the notice within 30 days after the date of determination.
Applicants hoping for a copy of such are requested to enclose the appropriate postage for mailing.

Correction or suspension of use of personal information

If there is a mistake in the disclosed personal information, the applicant can request correction by submitting Request for Correction of Personal Information . If there is or has been illegal acquisition, use, or offering of information, the applicant also can request suspension of use of personal information by submitting Request for Suspension of Use of Personal Information .
When Osaka University deems that there is a valid reason for correcting the requested personal information or suspending use of the personal information, correction or suspension of use will be conducted within the scope necessary for achieving intended purposes or providing proper handling.

Application for review

When there is an objection to a decision of disclosure, correction, suspending use of personal information, the applicant can file an application for review of this decision with the President within 60 days of the day following the Date of Determination.

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