Integrated Education System from Undergraduate through Graduate School

In addition to providing high-level specialized education, as the foundation of its education, Osaka University carries out education with the aim of nurturing individuals with “critical thinking,” or societal decision-making ability based on a wide range of knowledge, “transcultural communicability,” or the ability to converse with people from different cultural backgrounds, and “design prowess,” or the power to nurture free imagination and interdisciplinary networks.

In order to promote these efforts, in the 2019-20 academic year, Osaka University established an integrated education system from undergraduate thorough graduate school, focusing on three pillars: “Liberal Arts,” “Academic Major,” and “Global Literacy."

Osaka University will further develop human resources in order to produce talented individuals who will support the society of the future and realize the ideals of the human race through general education reform, e.g. by opening small-group seminars called “A Door to Academia,” and making liberal arts courses at graduate schools “Advanced Liberal Arts Education” and “Advanced Global Literacy Education” compulsory for both graduate and later-year undergraduate students.

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts develop students’ abilities to examine things from various viewpoints and make accurate decisions from a comprehensive perspective.

Note: Of Liberal Arts Education for all students, education for graduate and later-year undergraduate students is specially designated as Advanced Liberal Arts Education .

Academic Major

Academic Majors are students' main field of specialization during his or her undergraduate/graduate studies.

  • Major Subjects in Undergraduate/Graduate Schools

For more information, view the Schools page.

Global Literacy

Global Literacy is necessary for students to develop their foreign language skills and international mindedness with understanding of world histories, cultures, societies, and sciences.

  • International Exchange Subjects

Classes in International Exchange Subjects are conducted in English so that students can cultivate their international mindedness to prepare for their study abroad experience and improve their English proficiency through discussions and exchange between students of various nationalities.

  • Global Initiative Subjects

Classes in Global Initiative Subjects develop talented individuals who can take the initiative in addressing international challenges and provide students viewpoints essential for obtaining new knowledge in a diversifying global society.

  • Advanced Global Literacy Education in Undergraduate/Graduate Schools

Note: Of Global Literacy for all students, education for graduate and later-year undergraduate students is specially designated as Advanced Global Literacy Education .

General Education

The following courses are provided to undergraduate students in early years as General Education .

  • Liberal Arts for early-year undergraduate students
  • Academic Major for early-year undergraduate students
  • Global Literacy for early-year undergraduate students

General Education Curriculum


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