2022-2023 Special Screening for Applicants Graduating from Overseas High Schools (former expatriates) (finished)

1. Outline of the Entrance Examination

Note: This screening has already finished. The following information should be used for reference purposes only.

Regarding personal laptop computers

At Osaka University, students use online academic information systems for class registration, viewing grades, and correspondence with the university. In addition to basic information technology and practical English courses for incoming freshmen using e-learning materials, students will use a computer to write reports and graduation theses.

In today’s information-oriented society, acquiring computer skills and information and communication technology (ICT) skills while at university will surely serve you well. Incoming first-year students need to get their own notebook/laptop computer for campus use before the new school year starts.

Osaka University has prepared a rental system for students who have difficulties acquiring a personal laptop computer due to financial circumstances (for rental periods of 6 months or one year) as well as for students who need to temporarily borrow a personal laptop computer for a class due to damages to their device. Please refer to the documents below for more information.


Osaka University promotes "blended learning," an effective combination of face-to-face instruction and online education. We ask that you prepare a network environment in addition to your personal laptop computer before the semester begins in order to be able to take online lectures at the university.

Please download a set of application forms, fill in the forms, print them (A4 size), and send them to the Admission Division by postal mail. Note that any data that cannot be input may be written by hand directly onto a printed application form.

Points of caution

• Please print the application forms on A4-sized paper.

For examination fee payment, click here.

To see a step-by-step diagram of the payment process, click here. (link in Japanese)

The destination of your application should be the Admission Division (入試課), not your undergraduate school of choice.

FAQ regarding special screenings [updated May 2022]

For information on examination fee refunds, click here.

Examination fee refund request form (Excel | PDF)

2. How to request materials such as the University Handbook, screening guidelines, and application forms

Fore more information, click here.

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